Taking a Short Break

Posted March 13, 2017 by Mrs Giggles in Rants & Thoughts / 1 Comment

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We need a break
We need a break

It’s that time of the year when we Chinese people had to leave the house and do things. The Cheng Beng (or Ching Ming, as some people prefer to spell it) festival is about two weeks away, and as usual, we’d have to travel up north to pay respects to the dearly departed. We will burn things made out of paper (mostly Hell money, gold ingots, and talismans) to those who had left us a long time ago, repaint the lettering on the gravestone, and clear away any growth that may have crept up since last year. The cemeteries we would be visiting are pretty old ones with bad roads and such, so we’d also have to buy wear-once-discard-later shoes and pants, as every year they would be ruined by dirt and mud (especially if it rains, and it rains often these days!) after trekking and doing the necessary.

Anyway, this year we would be traveling earlier than usual, catching up with folks at other parts of the country and such first, before heading off north for Cheng Beng by the end of next week. So, there won’t be as many updates as usual. There would still be, don’t worry, just fewer than usual.

So, catch you guys when we get back.

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  1. Alexandria

    Hope you are going somewhere relaxing and peaceful, where sparkly boys serve you peeled grapes and umbrella drinks. 🙂

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