Stryker’s Bride by Joyce Adams

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Stryker's Bride by Joyce Adams
Stryker’s Bride by Joyce Adams

Zebra Splendor, $4.99, ISBN 0-8217-6601-5
Historical Romance, 2000


He needs a bride to – get this – keep the town’s enraged husbands off his back. She needs to get out of town, because she has been – falsely, of course – accused of robbing some necklace. Deliverance comes when Jacey’s sister got her hitched to wife-needing Stryker. Stryker’s Bride, get it?

Welcome to Hackney Town.

They agree on a no-sex marriage (hah!).

He wants her. She panics, she worries, she keeps secrets.

He has been betrayed before.

Villains! Adventures! Whiny heroine doing stupid things! Boring hero doing stupid things! Miscommunications!

When is the next coach out of this place?

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