Stroke of Midnight by Red Garnier

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Stroke of Midnight by Red Garnier
Stroke of Midnight by Red Garnier

Liquid Silver Books, $4.50, ISBN 978-1-59578-403-2
Contemporary Erotica, 2007


You are either going to enjoy Red Garnier’s Stroke of Midnight or get squicked out by it because the story has two sisters sharing the same man.

In the opening page alone, Elena spies on her sister Vivian enjoying the sexual prowess of Vivian’s latest conquest, one Porter Rowe. Elena, Vivian, and their father usually head over to their charming Aspen cottage for their annual vacation but this time around the old man’s health prevents him from traveling to the cottage. He has asked Vivian to bring Elena to the cottage, however, so that Elena can recuperate from a recent near-fatal accident that nearly took away her ability to walk. There is more about this accident that created a pretty big chasm in the relationship between the two sisters, but I’ll let readers find out more for themselves.

Vivian brings Porter to amuse her since it will be so boring to babysit Elena in the cottage. Little does she know that Porter is also exchanging looks with Elena even as he does his thing with Vivian. The advisory of this book mentions “F/M/F”. Well, do take heed of the advisory then. As I’ve said, you are either going to enjoy this one or give an “Eeeeuw!” of distaste. Ultimately Porter chooses one sister to be his true love forever, with the other sister’s blessing since she already has a boyfriend who likes to share her with other guys. There is also a happy ending as two sisters make up and share a big hug. This only goes to show that when it comes to erotic romances, there is nothing a little ménage à trois can’t fix.

So, just between you and me, I find Porter… well, a little bit of an evocative erotic sex toy. He has all the personality of a Sensitive New Age Throbbing Erection – which is to say, he’ll stick that big thing to you even as he listens to your sad stories – and that isn’t bad at all. The author tries to put in some obfuscation by telling me that he doesn’t love Vivian but come on, this guy is such a prime beef male slut. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course, as long as everyone is happy.

So, as a romance, well, this one is pretty silly with its Walt Disney type of happy ending amusingly paired with adult sex scenes. But the combination has some appeal and makes this a pretty hot no-nonsense smutty tale. You may be disappointed or relieved though, depending on how you like your kink, when I report that there is no girl-on-girl action here. There is, however, a charming scene of rear-end buggery involving Vivian’s fingers and a startled Porter.

I have to deduct a few points from the final score though because Elena is such a boring wimp compared to Vivian. What on earth does Porter see in this silly cow? He must be one of those guys who need to take care of their little women.

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