Stepbrother Studs: Ryan by Selena Kitt

Posted by Mrs Giggles on January 1, 2019 in 2 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Erotica

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Stepbrother Studs: Ryan by Selena Kitt
Stepbrother Studs: Ryan by Selena Kitt

eXcessica, $2.99
Contemporary Erotica, 2015

Stepbrother Studs: Ryan by Selena KittStepbrother Studs: Ryan by Selena Kitt

Oh boy, where do I start with Stepbrother Studs: Ryan? We have Shauna, our heroine, who is currently homeless because she had a baby out of wedlock, the baby father went MIA, and she now has nowhere to go. She could get a job, of course, but oh, that means she has to put her baby in daycare, and that is so unbearable. What is this thing, some princess from Monaco whose poo doesn’t stink? Fortunately, she doesn’t have to resort to begging people to send her money via GoFundMe or something – her stepbrother Ryan, a hunky, muscular, well-hung construction hot daddy is willing to take her in, let her sleep in the room that used to be his office, and hence, useless Shauna doesn’t have to lift a finger to take care of herself anymore, yay. Her parents are right, and Shauna is right: this heroine is a loser brimming with cringe.

Anyway, the moment Ryan shows Shauna her new place, all of a sudden she’s breastfeeding him and then they have sex and then it’s the end.

At least this story has a pro-breastfeeding message, I guess? I can’t think of anything else to say, because for the first few pages, the author seems to be setting up a story. Maybe Shauna will eventually find her own footing and become more of an independent person, perhaps? I will never know, because the story ends right after the sex scene – which happens without any build-up, and would have made more sense if Ryan handed over some cash before or after the session – and that’s all folks.

On the other hand, the sex scene is actually pretty hot. Then again, Selena Kitt always knows her ways around naughty scenes, so this isn’t really a shocker.

Thus, Stepbrother Studs: Ryan is a terrible, terrible story, but it’s actually pretty good as a quick one-handed read. However, given the brevity of the scene – and the brevity of the story in general, I’m not sure whether I’d tell people to pay $2.99 for this. Maybe if Ryan had been Shauna’s biological brother, and the story plays up the taboo of two siblings boinking – that kind of niche erotica will certainly command a higher price, but this one on the other hand plays it safe by making the bloke the stepbrother instead.

At any rate, there are full-length stories, naughty or otherwise, that go for cheaper, and I feel that this one doesn’t offer ample pay-off or inventive raunchy fun worthy of its asking price.

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