Stankonia by Outkast

Posted February 14, 2000 by Mrs Giggles in 2 Oogies, Music Reviews, Type: Urban Contemporary / 0 Comments

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Stankonia by Outkast
Stankonia by Outkast

Hip-hop, 2000


Let me raise my hand timidly and say that I am not familiar with pure, unadulterated hip-hop music they say Outkast is perfect at. But I love Ms Jackson, which I think has a hook this side of being fatal. “I’m sorry Miz Jackson (OOH!) I am fer real…” now that’s a great tune.

But the rest of Stankonia soon blends in a dull, monotonous concoction of throbbing funk beats and uh huh, uh huh, you motherfucking fucks, I steal your hos self-exaggerating mantras. I think the spoken intros are pretty amusing and I also love Humble Mumble, which has the divine Erykah Badu guesting in vocal duties.

Everything else makes me go “Huh?” as my fingers itched to press the ‘Skip’ button. Definitely not my cup of tea, this one.

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