Split Personality (1992)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on January 1, 2018 in 4 Oogies, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: Tales from the Crypt

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Split Personality (1992)
Split Personality (1992)

Main cast: Joe Pesci (Vic/Jack), Jacqueline Alexandra (April Dobbs Blair), Kristen Amber (June Echeson Blair), Burt Young (Gambler), and John Kassir (The Crypt Keeper)
Director: Joel Silver

Vic is a slick conman who is looking for a way out of Las Vegas. Tired of swindling old ladies, hapless old men, and what not – all small gigs – he dreams of pulling off a large scam that will allow him to dodge the Feds for good and live the high life. Oh, and he always has a fetish of making out with twins. These two desires of his intersect when, flushed from scamming a hapless gambler played by Burt Young, his brand new Corvette has a flat and he finds himself at a barricaded big bungalow… owned by two twin sisters, April and June. They are daughters of a now deceased famous architect, now living like hermits on their father’s immense wealth. They are worth a billion dollars each.

Vic easily charms both of them into bed – not at the same time, of course – but he can only marry and get his paws on the inheritance of one sister, bummer. Oh wait, he’s a conman, so why not invent a twin brother, Jack? “Jack” and “Vic” take turns to run a business in South Africa a few months each time, a nice excuse to allow him to play one brother at any one time. It all works so well for him… until the two sisters compare notes and realize that they have been duped. Unfortunately for Vic, these two sisters are not without a few tricks of their own…

Joe Pesci is easily the MVP of this episode as he plays his role like the most amusing if immoral piece of crap ever. His one-liners are so corny, and yet, Mr Pesci delivers each and every one of them with aplomb like he looks like Brad Pitt and is worth a billion dollars himself. The two ladies playing the twin sisters are not the best actresses around, but that’s okay, their roles are to be beautiful but creepy twin sisters and they pull that off well. Their wooden delivery actually fits their characters well.

And the denouement! Shame that the comic art for this episode spoils it (don’t look too closely), because that is one gruesome, disgusting thing that fits the macabre-yet-madcap vibe of this episode perfectly. There is nothing split about Split Personality – it’s a coherent kind of twisted comicry in action.

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