Something with Bite (2009)

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Something with Bite (2009)
Something with Bite (2009)

Main cast: Wendell Pierce (Wiilbur Orwell), Paula Jai Parker-Martin (Patty Orwell), Kailin See (Mikayla Kumpula), Gillian Barber (Moonflower Dougdale), Fulvio Cecere (Detective Marvin Deane), George Buza (Crane Dougdale), Meshach Peters (Oliver Orwell), Colin A Campbell (Geoff Matthews), and Christopher Redman (Forest J Caldwell)
Director: Ernest R Dickerson

Something with Bite starts out with a man being chased and later cornered by what looks like a guy in a cheap wolf suit, but it quickly morphs into a comedy. Wiilbur Orwell is an overweight, sloppy veterinarian who has an affinity to both animals and unhealthy snacks. His problem begins when a trucker hits down a big wolf and brings it to his clinic. Well, that werewolf bites him before it dies of its wounds, and before you know it, Wiilbur is one too. Still, he can make some adjustments, and there are even perks to being a werewolf, as his wife Patty can testify. But when people around him begin to die, he wonders whether he is the killer. Well, that one is easily ruled out after some discussion with the neighborhood werewolf vegans (the parents of the one that died in the clinic) – there is another werewolf around, and now Wiilbur has to find a way to show that thing that he’s the boss in this territory, and ain’t no wolf upstart is going to poach on his turf.

This one doesn’t offer anything new – much of it retreads grounds covered by other werewolf romps in the past. But what makes this episode work is the adorable Wendell Pierce who convincingly portrays a character that goes from a well-meaning guy whose life is nonetheless falling apart to a more on-it kind of guy that oozes confidence. It’s amazing what being bitten by a wolf can do to someone, I tell you, it’s like how Peter Parker went from loser to hero thanks to a spider. The identity of the big bad is a pleasant surprise, and it leads to an amusing denouement where Wiilbur going on a chomping spree is actually something to cheer for, heh.

This episode isn’t horror or even camp, it’s just a comedy with a touch of horror. Still, Something with Bite is a well put-together comedy, its werewolf elements going together well with the more humorous aspects like peanut butter to jelly. The pacing is fine, the cast is on point, and hence, it really has a lot of bite.

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