Snowfall by Sharon Sala

Posted by Mrs Giggles on November 29, 2001 in 2 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Crime & Suspense

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Snowfall by Sharon Sala
Snowfall by Sharon Sala

MIRA, $6.50, ISBN 1-55166-844-0
Romantic Suspense, 2001

Snowfall… Oh yeah! That’s the boring Sharon Sala book I read recently. It’s not bad, it’s not good, it’s just boring.

If this review is boring, it’s because boredom has an osmotic effect. I do remember it’s some bodyguard/undercover cop or something. I’ll go check.

Ah yes, this is about this mystery author Caitlin Bennett, who receives rather nasty letters from a psycho fellow. I don’t see why this fellow can be so obsessed over a boring woman like Cait, but the ending revelation sort of does something right: Psycho Boy wants Cait dead, but it’s not really a sick-love thing. There’s at least one smart guy in the world. My faith in men is restored at last.

Anyway, Cait has no friends except for her editor, Aaron “Hello, I’m gay, and I’m gay because I have limp wrists but do I have a love life? Nooo – I live to pamper the heterosexual heroine, because that’s what we gay men are good for – as straight women’s foot cushions!” Workman. She is, after all, a poor little rich girl with too much money. So much money, and she can’t be happy? What a twit.

While moaning about what a drag it is to go on TV and look good and all, she gets pushed in front of the bus. (Disclaimer: it isn’t me.) She gets whammed bad, and Aaron, who realizes that maybe it’s time gay men stop emptying sick straight women’s chamber pots, ask his brother Connor “Mac” McKee to come protect Cait. Aaron knows that Cait and Mac go way back. In fact, Queen Godmother Aaron here always fancies himself a matchmaker, you know. Must be the tiara he never gets to wear because heaven forbid a gay man to be anything but a sissified straight woman’s best friend in this story.

What next? Bodyguarding stuff. Meanwhile, Psycho Boy starts killing other women who look like Cait. The police are confused, and rightfully, they don’t give much smelly stuff about Cait. Only Mac cares, although Cait is vocal about her disapproval at having someone protect her. I miss Psycho Boy.

Cait spends the whole story whining, crying, or in bed, injured. You have been warned.

Mac is… well, he’s a cop, and yes, he’s just like all those cop heroes. The romance? It’s just like how a bodyguard romance should be in cookie-cutter land.

I do wonder what miracle cream Cait use though. She’s been whammoed by a bus, but damn if she isn’t looking stunny and pretty all over again after – what? One week? Two? What a female doggie. I hate her.

Paging Psycho Boy!

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