Snow Dogs (2002)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on May 26, 2002 in 2 Oogies, Film Reviews, Genre: Action & Adventure

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Snow Dogs (2002)
Snow Dogs (2002)

Main cast: Cuba Gooding Jr (Ted), James Coburn (Thunder Jack), Joanna Bacalso (Barb), Nichelle Nichols (Amelia), M Emmet Walsh (George), Sisqó (Dr Rupert Brooks), Graham Greene (Peter Yellowbear), and Brian Doyle-Murray (Ernie)
Director: Brian Levant

Ah, what’s a Disney movie without dogs, right? But thankfully, the huskie dogs in Snow Dogs don’t sing, suck spaghetti, talk, or have black dots all over their body. Unfortunately, it also has Cuba Gooding, Jr falling into the icy ground ad nauseum.

Ah, but that’s kiddie humor, eh?

Mr Gooding plays a city guy, Theodore Brooks (a dentist from Miami) who learns that he is actually adopted and his real parents are dog breeders in Alaska. His biological mother just died and has left him a cabin and a team of sled doggies, so off he goes to Alaska to train the dogs, spar with his father, wins the girl, and wins the race.

Well, it’s probably too much to ask for some depths or even a plot that isn’t as predictable as sunrise. There’s a bear, many cute dogs, and, er, the dogs, yeah. If that isn’t enough, maybe you’d like to watch this movie just to ponder at how low Cuba Gooding Jr, formerly the best supporting actor in Jerry Maguire, has sunk to. Or not.

Me, I’m just here for the doggies.

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