Seducer of Her Dreams by LS Eno

Posted by Mrs Giggles on June 19, 2009 in 1 Oogie, Book Reviews, Genre: Erotica

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Seducer of Her Dreams by LS Eno
Seducer of Her Dreams by LS Eno

LS Eno, $6.95, ISBN 978-1448611249
Fantasy Erotica, 2009


LS Eno’s Seducer of Her Dreams is an erotic paranormal romance. The problem with erotic romance is that all it takes is one wrong move from the author to turn the whole story into an unintentional comedy. In Ms Eno’s case, it’s the exaggerated state of physical perfection of her characters. Men just have to stop and stare at heroine Emily’s breasts and legs. Likewise, Devan the Seducer hero literally stops traffic with his “tight leather pants, boots, a form-fitting shirt made of silk and leather jacket, all in black” and  “his long, dark hair and flashing green-gold eyes”.

He flashed his gorgeous smile and slowly drew the tip of his tongue across his well-formed lips. Several women climaxed as they stood watching him. Devan’s pheromones sang of sexual heat and surged through his powerful body. This was why he had been created; his very reason to exist. He drank deeply of the adoration thrown his way.

What is this? A shampoo commercial?

The name of Devan’s race is apparently lost to humans of today. To be fair, he serves a Sumerian deity, so perhaps “incubus” isn’t the right word to describe his species. At any rate, Devan is frustrated because Emily Townsend is refusing to put out to him in her dreams, so he decides to come into the mortal realm to make her put out to him for real.

Because we won’t have a story otherwise, Emily has this inexplicable refusal to put out to Devan. Meanwhile, Devan does charming things like spying on Emily as she bathes, hovering over her while he is invisible. That fellow is a walking textbook on sexual harassment and creepy stalker behavior. If Ms Eno has made his behavior a little more sexy and less intimidating, perhaps I will find Devan a more attractive hero. Then again, I have to feel sorry for him. He has women moaning in orgasm just by looking at them, but poor Emily has a plot armor that makes her invulnerable to him for as long as the author needs to keep the story going. Perhaps I should give him credit for not clubbing her in the head.

Seducer of Her Dreams is way too immersed in exaggeration and hyperbole to be an effective romantic erotica. It is hard to take seriously main characters who are apparently so devastatingly gorgeous that people just have to stop and stare until they get a spontaneous orgasm. It doesn’t help that the descriptions of Devan’s long hair and tight clothes make him come off like a cheesy Fabio wannabe while descriptions of Emily’s amazing legs and breasts have me wondering whether the poor dear’s other body parts can measure up.

By reducing the characters into randy body parts and by hyping up their sex appeal to ridiculous levels usually reserved for Japanese cartoons, LS Eno has written a good example of how not to write romantic erotica.

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