Second Wind by Dee S Knight

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Second Wind by Dee S Knight
Second Wind by Dee S Knight

Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 1-59998-588-8
Contemporary Romance, 2007

Cathy Fitzgerald is a city gal from Boston whose family are rich lawyers and have some fancy pedigree to boot. Rafe Walker is a Texan cowboy who runs a ranch. These two met and had a weekend fling that for some reason ended up with a walk down the aisle. Today, a few years later, things aren’t working and she’s going back to her family. She wants a job, he gets jealous over her time and effort put into her job; he feels inferior about his own background, she is irritated that he is happy to use her trust fund to manage his ranch but he’s not willing to add her name to the ownership deed of the ranch.

Frankly, if you ask me, I question this woman’s intelligence for staying as long as she did with that man.

At any rate, Second Wind is one story that needs more than its few dozen pages for the author to give it a decent spin. In its current form, all it takes is a thunderstorm and some hot sex for the two to get back together again. I suppose Rafe is lucky that Cathy is such a twit, given that they didn’t have a prenuptial agreement and she and her family are all lawyers, because if I were Cathy, Rafe will have to take out at least three mortgages on his testicles once I’m done with him.

These two have better pray that a thunderstorm breaks out every other weekend for the next few years.

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