Savor by Monica Murphy

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Savor by Monica Murphy
Savor by Monica Murphy

Avon Impulse, $4.99, ISBN 978-0-06-228939-1
Contemporary Romance, 2014


Savor is the final entry in Monica Murphy’s Billionaire Bachelors Club trilogy, as the final bachelor in question,  Matthew DeLuca is finally vanquished by the unstoppable force of love. Okay, the story isn’t as anywhere as dramatic as that sentence may imply. In fact, there isn’t much of a story here at all.

Bryn James is a young lady who learned the hard way that her beauty is a curse.

No one wanted to give me a job unless I had sex with them. Or gave them a blow job. For some reason they all wanted blow jobs.


Her resemblance to Angelina Jolie may have something to do with that, I guess.

After an unhappy time surrounded by men who wanted her to put out or get out, she found a job as a PA in a vineyard in Napa Valley. The vineyard wasn’t doing well, and when this story opens, had been bought over by Matthew, a baseball player whose career was cut short by an injury. This time around, Bryn realizes that this is one boss who can play with her typewriter and she won’t mind at all. But she is haunted by all those creepy horny bosses and bad boyfriends in her past! Besides, he doesn’t seem to check out her hard drive that much, so maybe she’s… insulted?

Matthew really wants her bad, despite the fact that she does her best to dress up like a dowdy dump. An expert when it comes to undressing ladies with his eyes, he can tell right away that she has a killer body. Lips for days, ass for months, and breasts for years, baby! But he doesn’t want to shag her because she’s his employee. What if it all ends horribly and she sues? Clearly, this guy is not familiar with romance novels – as if romance heroines have the brainpower to even figure out a lawyer’s phone number, duh.

Fortunately, the couples from the previous books are determined to force these two to join at the private parts, so there is no stopping the tidal wave of love, people.

This is a short story, and even then, the plot soon runs out of ideas to keep these two moping and on their toes a little longer. What is left is the heroine grasping at straws to keep her distance from Matthew after she’s had her fun with him. The big one is that she would be branded as a slut once the papers expose her past encounters with those horrid guys that pressed her for blow jobs and more, so she must leave him – to protect his reputation. I can’t imagine why the tabloids, much less the public, would care about some loser baseball player who barely played and his fling with his PA. It’s not like these two stared in some reality TV show produced by Ryan Seacrest or something like that. She also has plenty more excuses, ranging from her issues with men to her fears that there is something about her looks that would cause men to turn into creepy sex maniacs and more. Once she has one issue overcome by a mighty penetration of confidence from her man, she’d have two more excuses to keep up the drama. Keeping up with Bryn is annoying because she is like a popcorn kernel on a hot pan that just keep popping without ever becoming completely done. To top it off, she can’t just up and leave the man in the first place because for some reason she has no money.

Savor ends up being not much of a story. Instead, it’s a long and tedious litany of the heroine’s increasingly hysterical reasons as to why she can’t – cannot, no, no, no – be good for the hero, and she just goes on and on like a bad case of diarrhea. Not the best way to end a trilogy, if you ask me.

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