Roulette by Blue

Posted by Mrs Giggles on October 10, 2014 in 2 Oogies, Music Reviews, Type: Pop / 0 Comments

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Roulette by Blue
Roulette by Blue

Blueworld UK, LLP
Pop, 2014


It’s the same old story, sadly. A boyband who had had its time under the sun, broke up when some of them decided that they were headed for greater things on their own, and, after a spate of failed solo efforts and rehab sessions along with a bankruptcy or two, desperately reunite to prove that they still have it in them.

Blue won’t be the first, or last, unhappy dinosaurs to resurrect their career as a boyband. Roulette, however, is such an uninspired collection of dreary tunes that I can only wonder whether they are even trying. The songs all follow the same made-in-Norway formula of their past hits, but missing the hooks that made hits out of songs like All Rise, Fly by II, and If You Come Back.

Vocals-wise, these guys seem to be in top shape, but the songs by themselves lack bite. Most of them seem to be watered-down imitations of better tracks of theirs in the past. This is odd, because this effort is released through their own label, so I’d think that they have more creative freedom to come up with something more interesting. Unfortunately, just like way too many boybands that tried to make a comeback in the past, they instead try to unimaginatively replicate the same sounds that made them big ages ago. As a result, the tracks here sound at least ten years out of date, making them worth a spin only for high school reunion parties.

Oh, and it’s not to overlook some really laughable efforts to sound like a player. From Ayo:

Girl, you’re just the baddest thing Ive seen
Love the way you dance, come and dance with me
Lets play a game of make believe
Lets pop this off like its New Years Eve

Seriously, guys? This is the best some washed-up dudes trying to get laid can do?

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