Rosie’s Promise by Selena Kitt

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Rosie's Promise by Selena Kitt
Rosie’s Promise by Selena Kitt

Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 1-59998-713-9
Historical Romance, 2008

Selena Kitt’s Rosie’s Promise takes place in 1960s just before the Vietnam War breaks out. Our heroine Rosie lives in the farm with her parents and at the start of this story, her father has agreed to let her go to the USC (she’s been offered a full scholarship by them). She is also sparking on the sly with Billy Ray Harris, the son of the local preacher. The thing is, he plans to join the army, which means that he will be shipped off to Vietnam by the end of the summer. You know how kids can be when they realize that they have only the rest of the summer because what happens after that is uncertain – it’s time to throw off those clothes and party like it’s, er, 1969?

I don’t think I will say any more about the plot since this is a very, very, very short story. But I will say this: Rosie’s Promise is a simple and uncomplicated story. It’s also a familiar story for its setting. However, I really like this one because despite the short length of the story, Ms Kitt manages to give me a pretty good impression of who Rosie is and I believe I can definitely relate to her. This story manages to bring to life pretty well the thrill of sneaking around with the cute guy one has a huge crush on. The time shift towards the end is smoothly done and I like those two well enough to feel pleased at how those two get a happily ever after.

Do I wish that this story is longer? Of course. There are many things that could have been explored more, such as Billy Ray’s father, who is a pacifist, having to deal with his son sneaking off to join the army. But having been more familiar with Ms Kitt’s more sexually explicit stories, I’m pleasantly surprised to see a more gentle side to this author. Not that this story is cuddly and sweet, mind you – the sex scenes are still more steamy than what one would expect from, say, Dorothy Garlock’s stories.

Rosie’s Promise is, all in all, just my type after all.

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