Revelation by 98°

Posted by Mrs Giggles on October 13, 2000 in 3 Oogies, Music Reviews, Type: Pop

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Revelation by 98°
Revelation by 98°

Pop, 2000


The beefy and cute guys are back! This time around they have helped co-write most of the tunes in Revelation, so if things tank, the blame is on them as well. The album as a whole, however, remains faithful to the formula of tried-and-tested love ballads interspersed with some uptempo beats.

The end result is a listenable album with some good tunes, but all in all, many are pretty nondescript to actually stand out in my mind. The faux Latino beat of Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) and the gentle Stay the Night, maybe. Or Dizzy, a rather good house dance track that actually has Nick Lachey rapping.

Sure, the boys have nice harmonies, and Nick Lachey’s chocolaty voice, when he is restrained, is sexy and sultry. But Revelation is an album that needs to be listened to bit by bit. If taken as a whole, it turns into one long, interminable slow ride to snoozesville.

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