Red Skirt, Cool Fountain by Anne Douglas

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Red Skirt, Cool Fountain by Anne Douglas
Red Skirt, Cool Fountain by Anne Douglas

Loose Id, $4.99, ISBN 978-1-59632-619-4
Contemporary Erotica, 2008


In Red Skirt, Cool Fountain, we have Sanjay “Jay” Chandra and Ian Morris, two guys who enjoy having sex with a woman at the same time. Jay is the serious one while Ian is the playful one. In this story, they decide to channel their ardent wiles on a woman named Sam. This is because they find Sam different somehow. Attracted to her, they both decide to share her like they shared women before in the past, although this time the arrangement may just be permanent.

The story focuses on the interactions between the three characters on a day to day basis as they become increasingly intimate. Sam of course isn’t just content with playing with the two men, she wants to have them play with each other too. Will those guys finally break that one last barrier between them?

This one has some very scorching hot love scenes here, but at the same time, I find the developing relationship between the three characters a most fascinating one. Ms Douglas doesn’t just focus on the characters in the bedroom, she also has them exploring their relationship outside the bedroom. I’m not sure what Sam is doing here since she comes off more like a thinly-veiled placeholder for the reader who wants to see hot boys get it on, but Jay and Ian gets some significant character development as the story progresses.

The whole story is a pretty enjoyable fantasy. Come to think of it, this whole story feels like an exercise in wish-fulfillment for anyone out there who loves to believe that two hot guys who are best friends must also be secretly gay for each other. In that respect, Red Skirt, Cool Fountain with its two memorable male leads and the erotic sex scenes will do very nicely indeed.

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