Palau Episode 9: I Will Not Give Up

Previously, Ulong had reached a point where there were only two members of the tribe left. While I couldn't say that they didn't deserve to lose, they heartbreakingly lost their crucial Immunity Challenge to Horror (same old story, I know). Bobby Jon and Stephenie face off against each other in a fire-making competition to see who would get to stay and who would go. Bobby Jon lost to Stephenie and he made his exit, leaving Stephenie as the sole remaining Ulong. What would happen to Stephenie now? (Of course, the answer should be obvious since there is no way she would be allowed to compete against Horror on her own but let's be nice and pretend to be in suspense, shall we?)

Credits. I had Jeff W pegged as a hottie to watch before the show, but now I realize that I can barely remember who he is. What a waste of all those muscles!

Night, day twenty-one, Stephenie's March of the Lonely One. She returns to Camp Ulong as the sole remaining member of that tribe. She paddles up to the beach, and as she checks to see whether the fire is still burning, she tells the camera that being the only member left is "scary" but also "exciting". Very descriptive, that woman. She finds the fire still going strong and decides to add some branches and twigs to it. She goes to search for some and trips over something in the dark. As she gathers these material for the fire, tears begin to fall as she says that she learned how to start a fire from Bobby Jon. Oh, Bobby Jon, he is truly a martyr. She is scared that the fire will die out and leave her alone in the dark - what with all the spooky symbolism she can read into being left alone in the dark and all that, ooh - so she doesn't dare to sleep. Poor Stephenie, she's now living in her own Edgar Allen Poe story. She scurries under a flimsy blanket and stares defiantly at the night sky as she reiterates to herself that she will never give up on this show.

If that isn't Burnetto's too-obvious Struggling Underdog Edit to make Stephenie someone I should root for, I don't know what is. This only makes me believe more strongly that this lady will be going very far in this competition. The question is just how far will she succeed in burrowing her way into the Horror dynamics. Heh, Stephenie in the Camp of Horror. When I come up with these admittedly hambrained nicknames, I have no idea how appropriate they end up being. Good luck, Stephenie! I'll bite, I'll root for her like Burnetto wants me to. It's not as if I actually like anyone in Horror enough to do otherwise anyway.

Day twenty-two. Morning greets a more peaceful Ulong as Stephenie, calmer now in the morning light, works on her own to cut open some coconuts for breakfast. She wonders how she will survive on her own alone in this camp and thinks that she will probably starve to death. I guess she missed the memo about her being the underdog of the show. Shouldn't she be talking about how she wants to rally a troop of monkeys and sack the enemy camp because she's an Attila the Hun that way?

Meanwhile, in today's episode of Why Horrors Suck And You Should Root For Stephenie, the Horrors are indeed acting like overfed slugs driven to hate each other in an increasingly suffocating paradise. Cobb brushes his teeth. Ian scowls at some fruits as he divides them into cups for every member of the tribe. Ian says that the tribe is "becoming skinnier" - yes, I'm sure it's just the cameras putting on at least seventy pounds on Katie in the last few episodes - and "lethargic" because they are all being "drug down" by each other. Maybe he's talking about the effect of J Lyo's giggling on everybody. He calls Cobb and Janu "ains in the asses" because those two in the last three or four days, all Janu did was to sleep in the hammock all day. "She's like the dysfunctional aunt who lives in the attic," the man describes the obviously ill woman because that selfish woman doesn't want to get up and... er, I don't know, help him rearrange strawberries and help Katie blow the tumbleweeds, I suppose. I mean, the camp is in a mess, so it's not as if two people are the ones responsible for driving it into that condition, right? Ian proceeds to complain about Coby's attitude, saying that Cobb is "the pouter of the tribe". Ian is, of course, saying all this with a pout, but self-awareness and irony are hard to come by when self-indignation is in full mast. So sail away, Ian. Sail far, far away.

Meanwhile, Cobb washes Caryn's hair in the sea and complains to her about how tired he is that Tom and Ian are getting the Hagrid treatment (read: lazy-ass people relying on those two to get fish and stoke their ego so that those two will keep getting fish for everybody) and then contradicts himself when he complains about everyone in camp apparently being lazy. The camera cuts to Janu as she kisses a flower while lying on the hammock, looking like a skeletal little girl admiring a bloom before she finally expires from anorexia, actually. Cobb says that only he and Caryn do any work around camp and says that he is tired of being one of the only ones to keep working. That's a fair thing to say, although I think this is more like a miscommunication problem between two cliques who are determined to think that they are better than the other side. At the end of the day, both cliques suck so they can all hug each other and go hump a cactus tree. Back to Cobb, he continues to whine and moan and bitch about useless men in Horror while admitting that he is "cranky", "everyone knows it", but he is trying to control his "temper".

Because Stephenie is so much better than the Horrors, the show cuts back to her to emphasize how Dramatic and Noble she is compared to the overfed, whiny slothbuckets in Horror. Yes, note that I say "Noble" and not "Inept", although it's too easy to confuse one for the other. She manages to push the boat out to sea but can't catch anything. So it's back to coconuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, aww. She tries to throw a coconut to those growing from a tree, no doubt hoping to knock some of them down. No luck there. She clumsily grabs a heavy pole and tries to use it only to have the pole nearly cause her to lose her footing and topple down. Finally, she climbs up a tree and manages to pluck a coconut, although she claims that she nearly dislodged a shoulder in the attempt. She ends up frying her coconut over the fire. As she eats, she muses about how great it would be if she wins the million dollars because for her, that would be worth all the things she has to go through to get there. Tears glisten in her eyes as she says this. Aww, it's amazing how Burnetto manages to transform loserhood into a dramatic tale of determined underdogs, Rocky Balboa style. (That is why it is a shame not many people are watching The Contender, by the way. That show is great cheesy entertainment.)

Later that day, Stephenie receives tree-mail. It comes with a tube that is sealed and marked with a message telling her not to open it but to give it to the Horrors instead. The tree-mail, in pitifully bad English, tells her that dirty, hungry, and all alone - this is no way to be; pack your canoe with all you want!" Realizing that she can now head over to Horror for the merge (or, at least, both she and I hope that a merge will take place) Stephenie joyfully cries that she is not going to have "friends" and of course, "food". She cannot pack and paddle out of Ulong fast enough. She drags the Home Depot box they have won once upon a time as well as the Ulong flag onto her canoe and then it's a goodbye to Ulong as Stephenie makes her way to the enemies. She hopes that she doesn't cry when she meets them because she doesn't want them to think that she is crazy or something.

The Horrors are lazing around trying to pass themselves off as sloths when J Lyo notices Stephenie and says, "Oh, look, here she come!" Stephenie nervously greets the Horrors and they pretend to be happy to see her. Ian tells the camera that it is so exciting to have a new member in his tribe. Maybe now he can set her up to clean up the camp for them? "I missed you guys! I was all alone! I almost had a nervous breakdown," she tells the Horrors. Cobb tells her that she has to tell them all about her experiences at the other camp. The message in the tube Stephenie passes to the Horrors tells them all that Ulong is done for and now Stephenie is the newest member of Horror. That way, the tribe doesn't have to come up with a new name, which is good because we all know by now that Tom the Mighty and Ian don't like people who think so much. Also, some people may be visiting, the message promises, so there would be a feast of some sort if everything goes as planned. Stephenie is excited and even more so when she gets to wear her new buff, graced and baptized by the nostrils of the Horrors as they smell her buff in some Horror initiation ritual. She says to the camera that she loves Ulong (yeah, right) but she is glad to start over as a Horror because this is the new chapter of some sort.

Katie decides to get off her big fat ass to show Stephenie around the Horror shelter. Stephenie oohs and aahs at everything that is working and Katie beams proudly as if she has personally built everything from scratch. Katie, Stephenie, and J Lyo get together for some chit-chat. Katie goes "Eeeuw!" when Stephenie talks about Jeff W and Kim "hooking up" while J Lyo looks like she's wondering whether Gregg and she get an "Eeeuw!" too from Katie. Katie tells Stephenie that the Horrors have always liked her and they are so glad that Stephenie is now their best friend forever. J Lyo tells the camera that she got along well with Stephenie before the two tribes were formed but now she wants Stephenie gone because Stephenie is tough while J Lyo is a useless parasite and... well, J Lyo can't have that, of course. Hee-hee-hee!

Meanwhile, Cobb bitches to the camera about how "everyone" starts "kissing Stephenie's butt" the moment she shows up. Why shouldn't they? Stephenie can be a very useful pawn in tie-breaking. He mocks Katie to the camera, saying that "we all" saw on day one that Katie and Stephenie never had any special bond. No, but Tom and Ian formed some sort of alliance with Stephenie and Katie is part of the Tom and Ian alliance so it's not surprising that Katie is latching on to Stephenie. But Cobb doesn't know of that alliance, of course. Cobb says that he can't wait to get Stephenie alone and tell her all about the alliances and suballiances within the tribe. And then, what? They'll shampoo each other's hair?

Later that day, visitors show up as promised. Two guys show up in a boat and announce that they are here to teach the Horrors how to fish. First this show built them a shelter, and now, in addition of having given them all they fishing tools and Home Depot kits - more than what some of us have at our homes, mind you - the show has to come teach the Horrors how to catch fish. The sad thing is, the show isn't just pampering these idiots as much as they have to do this to ensure that some of those idiots on this show won't die out on the account of their ineptness. Those guys teach the Horrors how to catch small fish to use them as bait for bigger fish. Hubby, an amateur angler, snorts at this and says that he doesn't need some fancy expert to teach him about that. But even that don't go too well as the Horrors can't catch small fish right.

Realizing that the season may very well end before these idiots manage to catch anything, the guys decide to ask for some people to follow him so that he can teach them how to catch big fish (apparently you need different fishing techniques to catch fish of different sizes - I learn something new on this show for once) while the others can stay behind and practice on catching baits. Cobb no doubt knows that the women won't be stepping up so he tells the guys that two can stay and catch bait while two more can go fish. If your mind has an affinity for the gutter, you can easily misread him deliberately and say that he is describing the roles of the four men in the tribe on a night's cruise in South Hollywood. Naturally, the alpha males Gregg and Tom offer to go fish and they also want Ian along (the reason being that Ian also catch fish for the tribe - a fair reason, actually). Cobb complains to them that he is being ocstracized once more by those big macho men so fine, he'd go play with the ladies. Tom the Mighty tells him that Cobb wanted to stay behind and catch bait, which isn't entirely true and not even addressing Cobb's point. Tom declares over Cobb's surliness that he is going to catch fish. What he is actually saying to Cobb is: See ya later, Cobb. Ian asks Cobb whether Cobb wants him to stay behind and catch bait with Cobb. Even if he is being sincere... sheesh, that is not something you say to someone who is already annoyed like Cobb. Ian then asks Cobb whether Cobb wants to join the men in catching fish - again, not something he should say to Cobb in this situation. Cobb tells him to go join the others and go off to sulk.

Now, I have been in situations similar to Cobb's when I was younger and I do understand what he is feeling at that moment. The thing is, while I know it is hard, he should realize that this is a game for money and he should have gritted his teeth and go along with the men's high school jock politics. As a gay man, an effeminate one to boot, he won't register in those three men's attention as an equal. Most likely, he's an oddity that they can't make head or tail of. While it's hard though to sit back and watch as they indulge in silly he-man games while the useless women of the tribe simper and drool over those silly boys - and trust me, I understand Cobb's cynicism and feelings in this instance - a million dollars could have soothed plenty of heartburn that he experiences in the process of winning the money.

Cobb stupidly decides to stage a one-man rebellion about the camp. Tom returns to camp to show the wee helpless women Caryn and Katie how to catch bait (because they are too weak to learn on their own from the two instructors, doncha know), Cobb announces that he is in charge of catching bait and he will teach the women, not Tom. Meanwhile, Ian once more talks to camera about how much of a "pain in the ass" Cobb is. I don't know. While Cobb is being an irritating passive-aggressive pest in this instance, I don't find it any better that Ian is behaving just as passive-aggressively as Cobb, with both men pretending that all is okay when they just want to punch each other's eyes out. And here I am thinking that women are the ones who do this kind of nonsense with each other! Anyway, Tom goes off with Gregg and Ian to learn from the two instructors on how they should catch fish like Survivors apparently should. Cobb gloats over his pyrrhic victory and hopes that he doesn't have to see Tom's face again for the rest of the day.

The three men learn and bring back a big haul of fish at the end of the day, earning them the love of the women of the tribe, who are thrilled that they get to eat and, of course, how they don't have to do anything because those big macho men are here to take care of them. They have a party where alcohol is of course liberally supplied, causing Tom to be so drunk that he can't even stand on his feet, much less walk to his bed. How nice, so on top of being an anti-intellectual jock, he is also someone who becomes embarrassing when he's drunk. Tom is like Hunter of Marquesas, I'm starting to suspect - a Survivor who is fun to watch for a few episodes because he is so able and apparently undefeatable, but eventually his faults will become more overwhelming compared to his few impressive strengths.

Stephenie has to help Tom to his bed because the other women, like Katie, are weak and helpless and will wither inside if they have to lift a pinkie finger. Stephenie tells the camera that while she does have a previous arrangement with Tom, Ian, and Katie (oh Cobb, poor Cobb), she is aware that the arrangement was made before the tribes were formed. Things may have changed so she knows that she may very well be the next to go.

Morning, day twenty-three. Tom and Ian head off in their boat to catch fish using the method they have recently learned from their instructors, whose name, I've learned by now, are Joe and Edwin. Tom tries to pretend over his hangover that his getting drunk last night was, er, not that big deal and Ian tries to laugh it off. It is like watching the morning conversation of two dumb jocks, who got drunk last night and ended up this morning in bed together with their clothes missing, trying to pretend that nothing really happened when they were drunk. Tom talks about how great it is that Joe and Edwin are teaching these group of idiots lessons the two men learned from their fathers, lessons that are now passed on to idiots who will soon leave Palau with no intention of coming back.

Later, Joe and Edwin take their leave, looking for other avenues to sell their expertise to the highest bidder. Cobb says that Tom just can't stop kissing those two men's asses and lookee here, Tom is indeed acting as if Joe and Edwin have showed him things he never knew existed in his heart last night and now he is so torn up to see the men go. I never know fishing can do that to a man. ("Now you know," says hubby with a ha-ruumph.)

Cobb tells the camera that Stephenie will "add a whole new layer to the game" and he is sure that he's the only one who realizes this. Er, try again, Cobb. Anyway, later that morning, with everyone watching, Cobb calls Stephenie over to his side. They announce that they are going to wash their faces together and Cobb takes the opportunity to tell Stephenie when they are alone to let her know about Gregg and J Lyo's plan to recruit Cobb and Janu to take on the tirumvirate of Katie, Ian, and Tom. While J Lyo, Gregg, and Katie sniff at Cobb's blatant coming-on to Stephenie, Cobb tells Stephenie that he deliberately sought her out in front of the others. Why? Only Cobb knows why, I guess. Maybe it's better to cut off his own nose to spite the other Horrors. Since Tom, Ian, and Katie are Stephenie's more immediate potential allies since those three made friendly overtures to her, Stephenie isn't likely to jump to Cobb's side, especially when it seems that this counter-alliance that Cobb is counting on seems like a half-baked idea from J Lyo and Gregg. I don't think those gruesome lovebirds have any concrete plan to go through with the counter-alliance while Cobb acts as if the plan is all but set in motion. Poor Cobb. This movie won't have a happy ending where the unpopular kid shows those bullies who's boss.

Katie tells Gregg that Stephenie will tell her everything that Cobb tells her. Poor Cobb.

Back at the Grove of Intrigue, Cobb tells Stephenie that she and Janu are the potential targets for elimination. He also warns her that J Lyo is "jealous" of her, which is more truthful than I'm sure J Lyo would like to believe. That useless creature, after all, has been gunning for Stephenie since she set foot into Horror. Stephenie wisely keeps quiet and listens as he tells her that the Horrors plan to gang up on the Ulongites after the merge but Stephenie, coming in alone, has opened up new possibilities in the Horrors' gameplan to cannibalize each of their own. To the camera, Cobb expresses satisfaction in his talk with Stephenie because he is sure that Stephenie will appreciate his telling her all about the Horrors. He notices that Katie and J Lyo approach Stephenie after his talk with her but dismisses any concerns he may be harboring about that development because he talked to her first and... uh, I guess he believes that women always remember their firsts fondly, I guess. I understand that men tend to remember their firsts always with pride and fondness, but take it from me: women do remember their firsts but more often that not, they don't always remember their firsts as fondly as they do with "Oh gawd, he was so... lousy!" embarrassment.

Stephenie is indeed telling Katie and J Lyo some of the things Cobb told her. She conveniently omit knowing about J Lyo and Gregg wanting to flip because J Lyo is standing there with Katie but she tells them things that will make Katie and especially J Lyo flip, such as how Cobb said that J Lyo is jealous of Stephenie. J Lyo of course laughs that one off with the hysterical laughter of someone trying too hard to pretend that it isn't true, that jealousy thing. All three women agree that Cobb has a few screws loose in his head. Katie tells the camera that Stephenie has told the women "everything", such as J Lyo's insecurities about Stephenie. Also, she says that it is not "good" that Cobb tells Stephenie about J Lyo's insecurities towards Stephenie. Why is this? Is it because Katie is aware of the counter-alliance plot and is trying to tell me that Cobb will get into trouble with those two for blabbing? Hmm.

Stephenie and Tom have a private chat and Tom reassures her that Ian, Katie, and he will take care of her. It is hard to reassure someone when one is as obviously suffering from a hangover as Tom but Stephenie is happy to work with what she has gotten so far. She tells the camera that while she has received a few assurances that she is not on the chopping block for now, she needs to think and "figure some things out" further.

The show now zooms to the Immunity Challenge site, another anonymous beach, where Jeff Proboscis awaits the tribes. As he retrieves Monroe from the Horrors, Stephenie mutters audibly that she has never even touched it (J Lyo must be sitting on it all this while to hide it from Stephenie) so Probby pauses to let her cop a feel from Monroe. He retires Monroe and unveals the new individual Immunity Idol - another tacky necklace that is just more hideous bits and pieces of flotsam stuck onto the previous Immunity Idol necklace, I suspect. Probby also reveals that the first Horror to be booted at the next Tribal Council will make it to the Jury. In addition, he snarks that some of the Horrors may not be used to competing but they will have to do so from now on, heh, heh. Probby has been a snivelling, bitter bitch all season but sometimes, like now, he says what has to be said. This particular Challenge is simple. And recycled from Amazon. Horrors have to stand on perches and the last one standing wins the Poo Poo Necklace. Probby makes himself comfortable at his lazy chair by the beach and prepares to watch.

Minutes pass. Probby asks Tom whether Stephenie should go in his opinion. Tom says maybe. They will all find out tonight. Cobb snorts and says that every one in this tribe is planning to make use of Stephenie to counter each other so there is no need for Tom to bluff. Just like how there is no need for Cobb to stick his foot in his mouth like that but hey, he knows what he is doing, I hope.

An hour passes. Janu is struggling. Gregg is fidgeting. Probby then brings out a tray of donuts and offers them to anyone who jumps from his or her perch. Cobb asks whether he can have them all. Gregg asks whether the donuts come with milk. Katie says that it is really hard to her to say no because the fat cow is "going to, like, wet" herself when she sees the donuts. Probby says that they can have at least two donuts each. Cobb and Janu jump for the donuts. As Janu and Cobb eat, Probby asks the others what they think of the two's actions. Katie says, "Either they want to go home or they don't think they're in danger of going home." Fat cow got that right, at least.

One hour and thirty minutes pass. J Lyo says that she will jump for chocolate sundae. Caryn wants peanut butter. What amateurs - I won't jump for anything less than tiramisu. "I would take my clothes off for some chocolate and peanut butter right now!" declares Ian and Probby tells him that "nobody" wants to see that. He's right about that, barring a few people who have a fetish for skeletal twerps with bad hair. Tom, trying to be funny, wants balut. Ian says yeah, he'd jump for balut. Ooh, jock humor, that slays me every time.

Two hours and thirty minutes down. Probby brings out a tray of chocolate cookies and a jug of milk. Katie squeals and jumps without ado. Looks like she doesn't think she's going home after all. That or home to her is where the cookies are. J Lyo jumps too. Ian and Gregg follow. That leaves Caryn, Stephenie, and Tom the Mighty standing on perches. They stand stoically as Ian licks the plate once the cookies are finished. I wish I am as easily taken by his obvious attempts at hogging the camera but I guess I'm more like Cobb that way: I don't take too easily to humor that is too obvious.

Three hours down. Evening falls. Caryn asks Tom whether he intends to say all night. The man who wants to downplay his physical strength says yes because he is, as he claims, "a stubborn Irishman". Probby brings out hot pizza and gives the three five seconds to make a decision. Five, four... Stephenie jumps, followed shortly by Caryn. That is wise on Stephenie's part, if you ask me, because she is in no danger of being booted at this point but if she wins the Poo Poo Necklace, she'd only reinforce J Lyo's opinion that Stephenie is "too tough" on everyone's mind. It's better to use Tom as a shield when it comes to avoiding the bullets fired at physical threats. Tom wins the Poo Poo Necklace and everyone heads over to Tribal Council since it is already late and they don't need to waste more time.

Night, Tribal Council. Probby says that Stephenie should be used to Tribal Councils while the others have been here only once. Boring chatter follow. Stephenie loves her new tribe, which should be a duh point since it's not as if she'd openly announce that she hates them all and wants them dead. J Lyo acknowledges to some "competitiveness" because her and Stephenie, as "competitiveness" as a sloth can be competitive to a road runner, that is. What are they competing for? The honor of being the Prom Queen? Cobb points out that Stephenie isn't the only target in the tribe. He is right, as he will be dismayed to learn later that night. Janu acknowledges that she is dead weight for the last few days but insists that she is okay with being booted. Stephenie acknowledges that if she goes tonight because of her wanting to eat pizza, it'd be the biggest regret of her life. But she's not going. She knows that, if the voting pattern later tonight is any indication, so it's not as if she is taking an uneducated gamble in her case. Tom will keep the Poo Poo Necklace around his neck. It's now time to vote.

Tom - Cobb. Tom's vote speech is only shown in the Insider section of the official website (it's free so you can take a look at those clips yourself too) but I'll put them here. "You're a good guy but you're feeling a little cornered and you're playing real hard. And that makes you dangerous." First he votes people out because they are, in his opinion, too clever and now he votes out people because they are playing the game hard. Oh, Tom.

Ian - Cobb. His shtick, apparently, is to pretend that he's with the Mafia. He used a Mafia analogy when he voted for Willard and he used one now for Cobb. "Buddy, it's like being in the Mafia. It's business and not pleasure. And it's just your turn to get whacked. You're bad for business!" Ha, ha, very funny. Stick to terrorizing the dolphins, dude.

Stephenie - Cobb. "I'm just going with the strategic vote right now; trying to do what's right for me to get me as far as I can in this game. You did an awesome job - good luck in the future. Can't wait to see you, bye!" See? There has been a general consensus among the power players to target Cobb. Stephenie knows that she is safe tonight.

Katie - Cobb. "You just talk too much and that's not precious." You know, I think there should be a rule banning fat women from speaking like five year old little girls. Precious? Fat women should be witty, funny, and cynical. They should be the coolest people on earth. That's how the world should be. Katie the Fat Cow must be booted as soon as possible with extreme prejudice.

Janu - Stephenie. "Stephenie, you're a strong woman and a true survivor. And the only reason why I'm putting your name here is because the tribe had decided it'd like that before you came in. So I'm just following their wishes. Good luck!" Can we say "hopelessly out of the loop"?

Caryn - Cobb. "I think your mistake was trying to build alliances without first trying to build friendships. I'm sorry." It looks like she's more into the loop than Janu and Cobb ever are. Hmmm.

J Lyo - Cobb. "I just... I love you sweetie. We're going to miss you at camp. But I just can't trust all the flip-flopping! I don't know what you've been doing lately but it's a bummer. We hate to see you go. But that's the way it's gotta be!"

Gregg - Cobb. "A little too much too soon. If you had a little more patience I think we could have worked out a good plan together. Sorry bud." See? Cobb stupidly believes that he is safe because Gregg and J Lyo had a plan but like I suspected, this plan is still in embryonic stage. Poor stupid Cobb shoots himself in the knees too soon and for nothing.

And finally, Cobb. He throws a vote for Janu. "I'm only placing this vote for you because you asked me to." This is a revealing prologue to Janu's Great Epiphany in the episode for the next week, which explains why the show chooses not to show Cobb's speech in this episode.

Cobb makes it as the first member of the Jury. After he has stood up and gotten his torch snuffed, he turns to the others and says, "That was a great compliment, thank you!" As a show of bravado, it's not a bad "screw you" gesture to the tribe whom he obviously cannot stand. Nothing beats Ami's middle finger during the previous season though. Probby tells the Horrors to get used to sending someone out of the tribe at every Tribal Council from hereon and sends them back to camp.

In his final words, Cobb says that the tribe is smart to get rid of him because he is a great threat, blah blah blah. He's seriously overestimating his ability to scheme, really, as he pretty much destroys his own chance in the game by not shutting up. I can understand where he is coming from about the general uselessness of the Horrors but sometimes he should understand that a million dollars will do plenty in healing any leftover emotional scars that he carry forward from his high school days. Cobb blew it, not because he is a threat but because he can't shut up. I think I will miss seeing his cranky self trying to stir crap in Horror though.