Exile Island Episode 4: Starvation and Lunacy

Previously, both tribes found themselves divided into alliances, with some people in the middle being forced to take sides. Over at Camp Cadaver, those twits were on a winning streak but the lines were clearly drawn between two factions: Shane, Aras, Courtney and Danielle (all who are starting to dislike each other) versus the outsiders Bruce, Bobby, and Cirie. Over at Camp LaDida, Austin and Nick found themselves caught between an alliance of old coots (Terry, Dan, Ruth Marie) and young ladies (Misty, Sally). When the LaDidas lost the Immunity Challenge, Austin and Nick decided to side with the old coots and Misty was consigned to Loser Lodge. Lines were drawn, all that was left was to see the inevitable explosion and fall-outs that would occur.

Night, day nine, Camp LaDida, right after Tribal Council and Misty's departure. Sally is not a happy person because as she tells the camera, she was clearly expecting Ruth Marie to be booted at Tribal Council instead of Misty. She knows that she is now alone in her tribe with no allies, therefore she is in a very vulnerable position. Still, she says that she can't think of much that she can do to change the situation, which is quite true, unfortunately, and she can only work hard around camp and hope that something will happen to spare her from being eliminated next.

And with that, it's now morning, day ten, still at Camp LaDida. In a scene that I don't fully comprehend, Dan offers Ruth Marie a solid spot in the LaDida boys club alliance as the Dim Kim figurehead and she of course accepts since there's really nothing else that she can say. "Sorry, but I'm forming an alliance with Sally and we're both kicking all your asses!" doesn't seem like a good response no matter how I look at it, after all. But I wonder, does Dan really have the authority to include people in an alliance with consulting Terry, Nick, and Austin? Perhaps the men have agreed previously with Dan to let Ruth Marie, I suppose. They did boot Misty after all.

Dan explains to the camera of the rationale for including Ruth Marie in their alliance instead of Sally - Ruth Marie will stay loyal with them while Sally will flip over to the other side faster than one could say "the merge is here". But... aren't we still at a too-early stage to talk about flippings and what-not? Shouldn't the main priority here is to make it to the merge with as many tribe members as possible to prevent the inevitable Pagong'ing? Keep Ruth Marie over Misty, therefore, is a waste of an elimination if I am to go with the men's Darwinian only-the-fittest rationale, because Ruth Marie is weak in physical challenges. These men befuddle me because they act as if they intend to win as a group when they should be concerned about making the merge with the numbers on their side. Anyway, it probably doesn't matter in the end because Ruth Marie and Sally are both at the bottom of the hierarchy of the tribe.

No, I take back my supposition that Dan has talked to the others about including Ruth Marie in their alliance because Dan only now speaks to Terry, Nick, and Austin about Ruth Marie joining their alliance. Even so, he informs them after Terry talks about getting a fifth person into their alliance and he doesn't give them much a chance to say no by saying that he has promised Ruth Marie that spot in their alliance. Now, there are six LaDidas left and the men make four members of an alliance. I have no idea why they feel that a fifth member will strengthen their alliance since this alliance is doomed to crumble once they remove the sixth person and have to resort to cannibalizing each other should they lose an Immunity Challenge after that. Still, I probably shouldn't ask because Terry and Dan aren't the best thinkers in the house, as is evident when Terry says that he's sure that the alliance of five (four men with Ruth Marie being, according to him, "kind of a fifth") will make it to the merge. You'd think he would revise his optimism after stating in the last episode that he wanted the whole tribe to make it to merge only to boot Misty at the end of the episode. Like I said, he's not the smartest thinker in the house.

Speaking of dimbulbs, Camp Cadaver sure have its share of intellectual maggots. Aras, Bruce, and Shane are collecting food for breakfast (snails, as usual) when they spot Courtney on the beach, doing what seems like yoga for beginners on a mat. Aras, who's a yoga instructor and is probably sniggering at Courtney's regime, tells the camera that clearly some people don't know what it means to be on an island by themselves. Now, be fair, if I'm on an island all by myself, I'd do yoga too in the morning. I mean, what else will I do to spend the time? Anyway, we're back to the usual You Are Lazy/No I'm Not drama that never fails to take place every season. When Aras, Bruce, and Shane return to camp, they find that the fire has sputtered out. Courtney pokes at it, trying to rekindle the fire while saying that the fire was out when she found it.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Danielle are asleep, causing Aras to look on with disapproval. He announces to all and sundry that they need to discuss "effort at camp". Aras then delivers a lecture about how he, Shane, and Bruce can't be expected to hunt all day for food and tend to the fire as well. I don't know about anyone else, but saying that the three men spent a whole day picking up snails by the sea is probably an exaggeration. At least, I hope it's an exaggeration because if these guys really spent a day picking snails, I don't know what to say to them. Courtney tells Aras that what he is saying is "bullshit" because she works around camp as well. This show has provided me with scenes of Courtney collecting wood before so she may have a point there. Aras however seems to love the sound of his voice more than anything else so he just ignores her protests and asks her whether she would remain sleeping all day at camp if he, Shane, and Bruce were voted off the island.

This question makes me laugh because (a) he can't be too smart to plant the idea of booting him off the island in the minds of Courtney, Danielle, and Bobby, (b) he seems to believe that he works harder than Danielle, Courtney, and Bobby, which may or may not be true, and he deserves an explanation from those three, and (c) should the tribe succeed in booting Shane, Bruce, and Aras, it's then time for the merge and at that point, who gives a damn about those three, really. Aras is being high-handed and self-righteous for no good reason. Does he think he's at some scout camp? Some people are bound to be lazier than others in a tribe, sure, and it's only human to be irritated by these people when you're working hard around camp, but this isn't a real life we're talking about. We're talking about Survivor, where it's all about making it to the end a million dollars richer. If Aras is annoyed, he can vent to Bruce and Shane, for example, but eventually he should just keep his frustrations in check a little longer. There's plenty of time to gloat and say good riddance, such as when he's writing down the names of the lazy people to send them to Loser Lodge.

Back to Aras, as Courtney tells him that his question is stupid (and it is), he tells the camera that he wishes that he isn't in alliance with them. And... that's the dilemma, isn't it? Why make an alliance so soon into the game without checking to see whether there is a Plan B available? And since when is an alliance so concrete that you cannot break away from it? Anyone who gets booted before the merge cannot hurt Aras' game. So what's stopping him from getting, say, Shane, to decamp with him to the Cirie, Bobby, and Bruce faction? Shane doesn't like Courtney and Danielle anyway, after all. These people, I tell you. Cirie is the only smart one in the tribe, it seems, when she says to the camera how much she loves the drama going on around her. She? She'd of course stay low and out of firing range. Smart one, that. That strategy netted Big Sandra the big million dollar jackpot in Pearl Islands and who knows, the strategy may work for Cirie as well. But it's still to early to tell at this point of the game, a fact that seems to elude so many of these Survivors.

And now, it's time for the Reward Challenge, which aptly enough, has a puzzle-solving component that will clearly test these two tribes to see which tribe is dumber than the other. Jeff "Pom Pom Panama" Proboscis awaits the tribe by the beach and after some pointless banter with the tribes, explains the rules of this Challenge. Each tribe will send one member to swim out to sea and collect one puzzle piece. We're talking about large puzzle pieces, people, which could be heavy. To make things worse, the puzzle piece has to be somehow moved into a circular barrier in the sea, so this person will have to find the strength to lift the heavy piece over the barrier. There are six pieces to collect. Once all six pieces are collected, the tribe will have to arrange the pieces side by side to that two adjacent pieces have the same images. Fpr example, one piece has, say, a flower on its left side and a crab on the right side. A puzzle piece with a crab on its left side will be placed to the right of this puzzle piece, therefore, while one with a flower on its right side will be placed on the left side of this puzzle piece. The tribe that succeeds in matching all six pieces and placing them side by side in a circle in this manner will win all kinds of toiletry comforts: shampoo, loofah, towels, toilet paper, and a portable toilet with five gallons of fresh water to go along with it. Charmin is the sponsor of the toilet papers, by the way, judging from how Probby keeps mention its name. Am I the only one tickled about the fact that a toilet paper company sponsoring goodies in a show that has been said to be going down the toilet in terms of ratings and quality? (To be fair, so far this season has been pretty interesting.)

Sally and Bobby take one for their tribes. Sally beats Bobby in getting the puzzle piece inside the circular barrier because Bobby tries to force his puzzle piece over the barrier by pushing it from behind while Sally cleverly swims under the barrier to get inside first, place her feet against the barrier, and then drag the puzzle over the barrier with all her might. The dimwits that go after Sally may or may not come up with the idea on their own, but they all end up adopting the method demonstrated by Sally to get their puzzle pieces inside the circular barrier. Both tribes manage to get their puzzle pieces inside their respective circular barriers at about the same time despite Ruth Marie slowing down things for the LaDidas. While the LaDidas try to solve the puzzle together, the Cadavers adopt a more chaotic method with each tribe member putting to good use the trial-and-error method. Still, the Cadavers manage to solve the puzzle way ahead of the LaDidas so, hurrah, they get to be clean and fresh-smelling at last!

Now Probby gives the Cadavers a chance to send someone from LaDida to Janu Island. Now, I've said it in the recap of first episode and I'll say this now again because it is especially relevant in this episode: you do not want to send your worst enemy to Janu Island because Wally is there, especially not when the clues have accumulated to let the person know where Wally is. Wally can be used anytime until the Final Four - a truly terrible trump card in the hands of the wrong person. This is why you should never, ever, ever send your worst enemy to Janu Island. But what do the LaDida do? They choose to send Terry to Janu Island. It's like the LaDidas sending Bruce to Janu Island in the previous epiosde - these people are clearly dimbulbs because they are handing what they believe to the most important person in the other tribe a powerful key to possible victory. What happens when Terry discovers Wally? But I guess the question is moot because Terry is going to Janu Island. Meanwhile, a portable toilet is, aptly enough, going to Camp Cadaver.

Back at Camp LaDida, Sally is saying that of course the Cadavers will send Terry off to Janu Island. Yes, and now they'll never get rid of him, not that these LaDidas are thinking beyond their immediate priorities like who is going to clean up their mess now that reliable Terry is off humping a tree in Janu Island. Dan tells the other LaDidas that they will pull together and make Terry proud of them. I'm finding Dan's bizarre fixation on Terry a little odd. I know that there are some people out there who really don't have much perspective when it comes to men in uniform: any men in uniform (cop, fireman, military personnel) are immediately deemed perfect heroes incapable of being less than perfect. But these people are either die-hard rightists who already have tenuous grasps on reality in the first place or brown cow-like suburban hausfraus who, after 9/11, suddenly find legitimacy and even acceptance of their fetish for men in uniform and they allow their sexual fantasies to be stoked by overzealous zeal to take on a truly frightening mainad-like proportion. Now, what is Dan's excuse for his ridiculous melodrama when it comes to Terry? Austin then tells the camera that there is no leader now that Terry is gone and he misses that guy, hoping that Terry will quickly come back. To deliver the LaDidas from darkness, I suppose. But apart from an inability to catch fish, which is something they suffer from even when Terry is around, I don't really see any clear sign of the LaDidas falling apart like the editing is trying to tell me. Maybe it's time to file this editing pattern as a sign that Terry will really go far in this show?

Over at Camp Cadaver, the portable toilet is installed and what do you know, it's called Casa de Charmin. This show doesn't even try to pretend to be anything more than a huge slice of cheese, I tell you. Aras now calls the Cadavers to a Aras-led discussion circle when he "discusses" (read: tells them) the fact that Casa de Charmin should be used to store firewood in order to keep them cry. No, firewood is not an euphemism here. That guy really wants to use Casa de Charmin as a store shed for firewood. Bobby however causes the "discussion" to come to a screeching halt when he announces that he wants to "break in" Casa de Charmin because he has "a deuce to drop". Not the most tasteful thing to say, of course, but anything that bursts the balloon of Aras' pompous self-importance is fine with me. Courtney is saying that they should use Casa de Charmin to store wood like Aras "suggests" - there goes the hope of Charmin execs that this show will feature the Cadavers using high-quality Charmin rolls after a stint in Casa de Charmin, oh dear - leading Bobby to say derisively to the camera that the geniuses of his tribe has decided to use the toilet as a wood storage shed while he is thinking to himself that he's going to "take a dump" before Casa de Charmin is filled up with firewood. The editors follow this confessional with one featuring Danielle complaining that Bobby is no gentleman. The editors demonstrate how witty they are when they follow her confessional with a scene of Bobby coming out of Casa de Charmin and saying that he feels like a "new man" after, er, losing some weight (ten pounds according to him).

Anyway, it's interesting, isn't it, how we have Shane screaming at her in the previous episode and Aras in this episode calling her lazy but she ends up calling Bobby the ungentlemanly person of the lot? "Not a lot of brains" seems to be the theme of this episode. I don't know what is going on in this scene though. Is Aras saying that the toilet is off-limit because it's going to be used exclusively as a wood storage shed? If so, that explains Bobby's feelings because I'd probably be annoyed too if I have a chance to stop squatting over some bushes in the jungle only to learn instead that the toilet is going to be used for other purposes. On the other hand, if Aras is proposing that Casa de Charmin be used as a wood storage shed as well as a toilet, Bobby can be seen as being unnecessarily confrontational towards Aras.

In other news, Shane announces that Terry must be in hell by now and will return to Camp LaDida a weak and broken man. Or something. Yup, no brains, none at all.

After all, Terry is busy looking for Wally in Janu Island as we speak. The clues are enough at this point to tell Terry that Wally is buried in the ground above the sea level and the word "why" is a vital clue. So Terry looks around until he spots a tree with a prominent Y-shaped branching. He digs around and retrieves a box in which Wally is kept. Wally is a shrunken head, by the way, which makes it funny indeed when Terry talks about how he's going to keep Wally hidden and bring it to Tribal Council in the back pocket of his shorts. I can imagine the jokes that will come up when that happens. "Oh Terry, is that a horrible hemorrhoid or is your backside really happy to see Probby?" Pleased as a punch, Terry lights a fire and says that the Cadavers have done him a favor in sending him to Janu Island. Oh, that's so right, it's not even funny.

Day eleven, Camp Cadaver. It's a new day and to kick off things, the fire dies out. Instead of realizing that perhaps it was premature to blame Courtney, Danielle, and Bobby for letting the fire down in the previous day, Aras and Shane decide that they should move the fire closer to their shelter instead. Maybe the winds coming out from the shelter at night will keep the fire going strong? Anyway, Cirie begins to dig. Aras tells the camera that he feels like if Shane or he pushes for something, it happens while Cirie "works her butt off" but some people are of course lazy. This confessional seems to be mostly self-congratulatory to me because honestly, apart from picking snails and calling for group circles, Aras hasn't done anything significantly more than anyone else in camp. "Pushing for something" - in other words, giving orders - isn't the same as working hard.

While Cirie digs, Danielle watches her work. Shane comes up to her and asks her why she has an "aversion" to work. She merely tells him, "That's nice!" Shane goes on to say that everyone in camp thinks that Danielle is lazy and Danielle ends up handing her head to Shane on a silver platter by saying, "Bobby too, huh? He does a lot!" She's such an amateur, admitting that she and Bobby are lazy to Shane like that! Shane says that they aren't talking about Bobby, they're talking about Danielle. Danielle responds, "If you're going to be a dick about it, then... whatever!" If she doesn't convince anyone that she is a Valley girl airhead, her confessional will. She says that she was a sports captain in school and she doesn't help anyone that disrespects her. Ah, but here, she isn't helping at all in the first place with or without anyone disrespecting, which isn't the same as not wanting to help Shane after that Shane has disrespected her. As much as an ass Shane is being, I can't imagine what he will need Danielle to help him with... oh, get your mind out of the gutter, people! Watching the twitsome twosome of Shane and Danielle humiliating themselves, Cirie smiles and quickly hides her smile by looking at the ground.

Aras now joins Shane and the two men back each other up about how lazy Danielle is apparently being around camp. Danielle says that she hasn't seen Shane do much either, just barking orders while she collects water for the tribe every day. Shane insists that he hunts (since when collecting snails is the same as hunting, I'd like to know, and besides, three men are apparently needed to collect snails in this tribe, snort), collects firewood as much as Danielle (which somehow makes him more hardworking than Danielle even if he has just said that they do the same amount of work), and... and... "Whatever!" he concludes. Danielle says that she also collects snails and wood so she doesn't understand why Shane has a problem with her not contributing to work around the camp. Shane's response to that is that they are not having this discussion now. A discussion that, mind you, he initiated in the first place. And then he goes on to discuss the matter anyway by saying again that everyone at camp agrees with him. That makes him right, you see. Majority rules!

Shane then asks Cirie whether she agrees with him. Uh oh. Cirie tells the camera that she knew she should have walked away but no, she just has to stay and listen to the comedy unfolding before her. I don't blame her. I'd be doing the same. To Shane and Danielle, Cirie tries to be as diplomatic as possible by saying that Danielle doesn't work as hard as some people around the camp but Danielle does her share of work around camp nonetheless. To the camera, Cirie declares that the alliance of Danielle, Courtney, Shane, and Aras is some "psychotic joke" - no, no, I disagree, it's a very funny joke rather than a psychotic one - and she's thrilled that it is unravelling before her eyes.

Lo, day eleven, Camp LaDida. Shane isn't the only one prone to melodramatic exaggeration, it seems, because the LaDidas are right now reenacting some Greek tragedy about the loss of Terry leading them to some terrible ordeal involving starvation of terrible proportions. Nick announces that in three days the LaDidas won't be able to get out of bed at all, Austin declares that this is their worst day ever because the fire is dying and a storm is coming. Oh my, one day without Terry and these strong men are already crying and moaning? What wimps. Sally tells the camera that the guys seem to be at the verge of losing their crap completely - which may be an honest observation or a subtle jab at them voting out Misty on the basis of physical strength when the men are already falling apart from the lack of Terry propping them up - and she is especially frustrated that she will leave at the end of the day when the guys are the ones who can't pull themselves and the camp together and lose the Immunity Challenge as a result. Ain't that the sad truth.

Speaking of the Immunity Challenge, the time is now. After the two tribes have filed in before Probby at the beach, Terry rejoins his tribe, looking way too pleased with himself as Probby talks about how Misty obviously didn't find Wally but Terry or Bruce may have. But since many Survivors on this show are clear dimbulbs, perhaps they don't catch on to the fact that Terry is as subtle as a bison stampede when it comes to hiding the fact that he has found Wally. Speaking of Wally, where has Terry hidden it anyway?

Probby explains that in this Challenge, someone in the tribe will sit on a chair that is part of this contraption. Another person will stand on a crow's nest over this person. Now, what happens is that the person in the crow's nest will pull up a bucket filled with water from the ground and pour the water into a bucket. This bucket is attached to the chair via a pulley. When the bucket is filled and it goes down, the chair will go up. The first tribe with the person on the chair to be lifted high enough to grab and pull open the tribe flag wins the Skull Stick. Meanwhile, the remaining tribe members will have to collect water from the sea to fill the bucket of the person in the crow's nest. To do this, they are paired up and tied together at the ankles. To get to the sea, the pair must walk on a criss-crossed balance beam network and back again to deliver the water they have collected into the bucket of the person in the crow's nest. Because the Cadavers have one person more than the LaDidas, they sit out Bobby, who probably isn't good at balance and isn't the best person to sit on the chair. Ruth Marie is the logical choice for the LaDida chair while Courtney sits on the Cadaver chair. Cirie will be positioned at the Cadaver crow's nest while Nick is in the LaDida crow's nest.

After Probby says go, the remaining Survivors are off. There's really nothing much to recap here because once it becomes clear who are the pairs that are good on balance beams, there's nothing else to report. Sally/Austin and Shane/Courtney are very good at balance beams while Bruce/Aras struggle a little but they are fleet on foot compared to Dan/Terry. Dan actually slips off the beam early on. The beams aren't too challenging because the pairs move in straight lines so once they've found their equilibrium, there's no falling off. Eventually both tribes are pretty much tied when it comes to sending the person on the chair shooting up the contraption. Danielle manages to grab and pull open the flag ahead of Ruth Marie so in the end the Cadavers are once more the winning tribe even when they can't bear the sight of each other while the more united LaDidas have to, well, la-di-da their way back to camp and straight to Tribal Council later.

Back at Camp LaDida, Terry is asked all kinds of questions about Janu Island and the clues to Wally but, as he tells the camera, they stop short of asking him whether he has found Wally. Terry says that he doesn't intend to tell them that he has Wally. I wonder how he will hide Wally. It's a pretty obvious shrunken head that he can't exactly pass off as a personal item if someone else sees it. Meanwhile, the LaDidas seem more interested in moaning and whining about losing yet again in a Challenge. Oh well, Austin tells the camera that a Sally boot seems imminent and inevitable.

Sally, however, sees no harm in trying to avoid what seems inevitable by telling the men that while she respects them (snort), she wants them to know that she can contribute to the tribe in terms of "game". As she leaves the men, she tells the camera that Terry calls the shots around the place so she has no idea whether they will be moved by her words to them. Back at the shelter, Austin tells Terry the obvious: if they don't think about the strength of the tribe as a whole, they may end up with only the four of them to the merge. He then makes sure that Terry listens when he tells Terry that Terry will be the first target of the other tribe members once they make the merge. Of course, Terry has Wally, but who knows whether he can keep using it to the final four or just one time only, so Terry listens nonetheless to Austin. Austin points out that Sally is better at Challenges than Ruth Marie, and to sweeten the deal, he says that only Dan has promised to be Ruth Marie's best friend forever while the other three men haven't. Terry is, after all, most likely the kind of person with weird hang-ups about lying even as he deliberately goes on a show that is all about lying, maybe with some justification about how he wants to prove that you can win while keeping your integrity and other nonsense.

Indeed, Terry tells Austin that he's with Austin. Austin, pleased, tells the camera that he thought initially that it would take some effort to get Terry around to his way of seeing things but now he thinks that he has some "some Jesus of Nazareth-like powers". Yes, and one day he will walking on water. Honestly, with Terry and Dan, I don't think Austin will need any divine ability to convince these two of anything. They don't seem that bright so far on the show.

Obviously Dan needs to be told of the way the worm is turning in the alliance, so Terry and Austin make a case about how Sally is more valuable to them than Ruth Marie. Terry goes as far as to say that Dan is the only one who has made a promise to Ruth Marie so Dan can still keep his end of the bargain with Ruth Marie still getting the boot at the end of the day. Dan tries to plead for Ruth Marie's case, saying that Sally would betray them while Ruth Marie would sacrifice herself for them. Ugh, that is horrible, just how lowly Dan must think of Ruth Marie like that! Anyone who thinks that sweet old ladies on this show are meant to be used and discarded obviously haven't seen Scoutmarm Lil in action in Pearl Islands. Hell has no fury like an old biddy scorned. Nick tells the camera that no matter how Austin and Terry rationalize about Dan being the only one obligated to keep the promise he made to Ruth Marie, he still feels that the group on the whole is beholden to the promise Dan made. Still, while he feels guilty about betraying Ruth Marie, he isn't honorable enough to stick to a promise to the detriment of his own game. Smart boy, that one. He's no Colby and that's good.

While the men are trying to strategize, Sally and Ruth Marie are picking snails by the beach. Sally isn't blind to the annoying boys club nonsense going on, however, as she tells the camera how the "almighty men are upstairs plotting" while the "little women" are getting breakfast ready and wondering what the men are going to do about the women. She's not happy at all about her inability to do anything to control her own game and that's understandable, really. It's not her fault that she and Misty are caught in a tribe reshuffle that see them ending up in a tribe with four men prone, fairly or not, to emphasize their gender with physical strength and competency. Perhaps it's her fault as well as Misty's for marginalizing Ruth Marie from being a possible ally to them (having three women against two men may persuade Austin and Nick to side with them, who knows?), but the gears of the wheel have been turning against Sally since the tribe reshuffle nonetheless. Ruth Marie, for someone who is the focus of an intense discussion going on among the men, has been strangely silent until now, when she tells the camera that she is confident that Sally is going unless there is a change of plans. The qualifier "unless there is a change of plans" is noteworthy in this confessional because if you check the Insider videos at the official website, you will see that Ruth Marie has a strong suspicion that she is on the chopping block with Sally. Austin says that Dan is campaigning to save Ruth Marie so no one seems to know what will happen at Tribal Council. That's what they always say, hmmph.

Night, Tribal Council. Probby kicks off the discussion with boring topics like Terry's leadership (Austin clearly wants to take Dan's place in the fellowship of Terry'ing - get it, Terry'ing... oh never mind, I can be so lame sometimes), Sally performing well in the previous Challenge, and the reasons for their loss (Austin blames himself for pouring water too slowly into Nick's bucket). And then it's down to the business that everyone knows this Tribal Council is all about: to boot Ruth Marie or Sally. Probby asks Ruth Marie to say what her weaknesses are. She admits that she's twice Sally's age and she doesn't weigh much, but she thinks she has proven herself to her tribe. Of course, just what she has proven to them, she doesn't say. Sally confesses to being caught off-guard by Misty's boot, saying that she was the one out of the loop back then, and she doesn't really know what will happen tonight as well. She'd love to stay, she says, but then again, everyone here wants to stay. When asked what it is about her that the tribe (read: the men) will miss should she go home, Ruth Marie says that they may not miss her immediately (the next day or the day after, for example) but in the long run they will appreciate how loyal she would have been to them. Ooh, burn!

It's now time to vote. Sally is shown voting for, of course, Ruth Marie, saying, "It's probably going to be you or me tonight, girl, so... I'll miss you." She's nice. I'm warming up to her. Ruth Marie predictably casts Sally a vote, saying, "Sally, I adore you but I'm voting my alliance." What is not shown on the TV show but revealed in the Insider video is how Ruth Marie goes on to say that she isn't sure that she still has an alliance with the men so she's just hoping for the best like Sally is. What is also not shown is Dan voting for Sally because he wants to keep his promise to Ruth Marie. She'd appreciate his empty gesture, I'm sure. Probby reveals that there are two votes for Sally but four for Ruth Marie, so Ruth Marie is getting her torch snuffed in this Tribal Council. She isn't bitter, though - she blows the remaining LaDidas a kiss before she leaves for Loser Lodge and wishes her tribemates all the best in her final words.