Opposites Attract by Bonnie Dee

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Opposites Attract by Bonnie Dee
Opposites Attract by Bonnie Dee

Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 1-59998-562-4
Contemporary Romance, 2007


Opposites Attract is a short story that doesn’t offer anything beyond an underdeveloped superficial love story. The heroine is so stand-offish that I have no idea what the hero sees in her and she has a very aggravating tendency to turn an accident that befalls the hero into all about her.

Kelly Berman is a cellist. She doesn’t like tattoos, she judges harshly people who claims to drink, and she’s an utter killjoy. Her new neighbor is Ren who is the guitarist of a rock group called Loose Threads. They have sex, she is filled with predictable regrets the morning after and becomes cold again, she feels hurt when he stays away, and next thing they know, he’s in a terrible accident that takes the life of a bandmate. She then makes his accident all about her – oh no, he already has someone else to nurse him back to health, a gorgeous woman to boot, boo-hoo-hoo. Give me a break.

Of course, everything ends well here but the heroine is so annoyingly self-absorbed and whiny that I have no idea how Ren can even be attracted to her. Opposites may attract, but between you and me, I don’t think this couple will last long.

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