Only Human by Charlene Teglia

Posted by Mrs Giggles on May 8, 2007 in 1 Oogie, Book Reviews, Genre: Erotica

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Only Human by Charlene Teglia
Only Human by Charlene Teglia

Ellora’s Cave, $4.45, ISBN 978-1-4199-1111-8
Paranormal Erotica, 2007

In Only Human, our heroine Elaine “Lainie” Llewellyn is forced by her boss to go on leave because our heroine was apparently working too hard to the point of burning herself out. What a nice employer. She isn’t too appreciative of the gesture though since she’s not the kind of person to relax and sit back in order to have fun.

But fun is definitely on the agenda. Her Maine vacation takes her to the mysterious inn of Damon Thorne who immediately realizes on sight that she is his one and only, et cetera. I believe if you look under his bed, you’ll find his hidden stash of Christine Feehan novels while instead of the usual pornographic images in his PC, you’ll find a library of Ellora’s Cave books.

Besides, she couldn’t believe a man who fed her tea and sandwiches because the storm had blocked off any other hope of dinner and brought her a flashlight so she didn’t stub her toes in the dark would be a poor choice to sleep with. That, and every vibe he gave off practically screamed virile male.

I suppose the fact that she only met him for the first time when she checked in doesn’t really matter. She therefore goes straight to him and tells him that she wants to get down and dirty with him. I don’t know what to say. Maybe it’s destiny at work. Maybe it’s the fact that this is a short story so these two have better get into bed fast. Either way, it has me rolling up my eyes because the author has her characters jumping straight into bed. She may as well tell me upfront, “It’s destiny – they’re destined to be one… oh, whatever, just be quiet and behold my mojo in writing smutty sex!”

These two don’t even use a condom. Rubber can’t fight destiny, I see.

Finally, these two stop having sex and get off the bed. There is some brief yammering about psychic powers and destiny, and then, it’s the end. Just like that. To sum it up, this book is all about the sex and very little about the story.

When Ms Teglia buys herself a pretty dress with the money she makes from this “book” (and I am using that term very loosely), I hope she’ll spare poor me a thought.

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