One Moment in Time by Linda Hudson-Smith

Posted by Mrs Giggles on December 20, 2002 in 2 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Contemporary

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One Moment in Time by Linda Hudson-Smith
One Moment in Time by Linda Hudson-Smith

Arabesque, $5.99, ISBN 1-58314-344-0
Contemporary Romance, 2002


One Moment in Time refers to that very special moment when our heroine Tarynton Batiste lost her super vee-vee to super jock Drakkar Lomax on prom night back when they were young lovers. Apparently it is an incredible moment that will be enshrined in Tarynton’s memories forever to the point that when they part ways, she will never date or love ever again.

Gee, is a first time ever that good?

Today, Tarynton is a grown-up and she works as a party/event planner specializing in romantic occasions. Meanwhile, Drakkar has graduated from jockstraps to TV sports commenting. When they meet again, sparks fly. The clothes fly. Time flies. No, time doesn’t fly fast enough where there is no conflict in this story at all.

I’m not too sure what drove these two apart in the first place, but whatever it is, it can’t be too traumatizing if our lovebirds have no problems getting it back on again. What follows is a chapter by chapter account of Tarynton going to work and getting praised for her amazing abilities and then coming home to make magnificent, spectacular love with Drakkar. Repeat five workdays a week. Weekends see our heroine meeting friends and they talk about fun, parties, love, men, before our heroine going home for more Drakkar loving. Fun for two chapters, dull for the whole book.

The author, probably realizing the need for some sort of conflict, introduces the ever-handy Other Woman plot. While I’m glad to see the Other Woman leaving the story with her dignity intact, this conflict doesn’t really add much to the story except to emphasize how Drakkar and Tarynton’s trust and love are so strong, so powerful, let’s take off our clothes and make special love once more baby, zzzzz.

This book is like a very long phone call from a well-off and gossipy family member. I can sit down and listen to her talk about her parties, parties, fun friends, great life, et cetera all day long if I want to, but I can easily think of twenty things I’d rather do than to listen to her. Same with this book. It is okay for a few chapters, but there is only so much fun-fun-fun moments of great sex and great bonding and great friendship and great bank accounts I can take before being bored out of my wits.

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