Naughty Nibbles by Sierra Cartwright, Christy Lockhart, and SL Majors

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Naughty Nibbles by Sierra Cartwright, Christy Lockhart, and SL Majors
Naughty Nibbles by Sierra Cartwright, Christy Lockhart, and SL Majors

Total-e-bound, £5.69, ISBN 978-1-906328-23-8
Contemporary Erotica, 2007


There are three authors contributing to the anthology Naughty Nibbles but each author contributes two stories so there are a total of six stories in here. They are all naughty stories, of course.

Sierra Cartwright kicks off things with This Time. Our heroine Emily submits to Sir Sterling in their BDSM sessions and that’s pretty much the plot. I am not a BDSM person so it will take a little bit more work on the author’s part to sell me the fantasy. Unfortunately, Ms Cartwright approaches the scenes of discipline as if she’s composing her shopping list.

The first crack of leather against her bared buttock made her draw a sharp breath through her nose. He usually prepared her before hitting her. Often, he warmed her up with a few spanks.

But not this time.

He punished her, hard. But she didn’t mind. How many nights had she lain awake, tossing and turning, tortured by images of him doing exactly this to her? And now she was here!

Ten blows fell. Then it became an even dozen.

At twenty, she could no longer count, lost in a daze of sensual delirium. And the punishment continued. Each breath she took was a shattered burst of hungered submission.

As she rode the wave of pain/pleasure, sexual arousal built deep inside her. The throbbing in her clit was more demanding than her body’s need to escape.

Sterling shoved a hand between her legs. His thumbnail abraded her clitoris. She nearly came on the spot.

I’m sorry, but the above excerpt, which is suppose to be the pinnacle of a punishment session, makes me want to yawn. Where are the more detailed descriptions of what the heroine is feeling? The author seems to be ticking off items in a checklist rather than describing an intimate scene. Paddling, check. How many times? Twenty. Heroine feels pleasure, check. How boring.

Christy Lockhart is next with 213 High Street: Peep Show. Sophie runs the sex toy store at 213 High Street. When she receives the Clit Rocket, supposedly the most amazing vibrator ever that would render a real penis obsolete, she decides to unpack and try that toy on herself right there and then in the back room of her store. Ugh, I hope she soaks that thing in some antibacterial solution before she sells that thing to a customer. Don’t ask but our cop hero Officer Ryan Kelley, hearing music coming from the store at the late night hour, decides to barge into the store to catch Sophie in the act.

I don’t know which is creepier, a sex toy store owner using the things she sells in the name of scientific experiment or a cop who thinks that someone playing music is an excuse to walk into the place to say hello. He decides to put his hand right into the heart of the matter, if you know what I mean, and I tell myself that people really should learn to lock their doors before they decide to do these kinds of things.

SL Majors is next with Imagine. Our heroine Chloe is soaking wet between her legs – don’t look at me, I’m just quoting the author – not because she has adult incontinence but because she’s had it with faking orgasms with wimpy men and she’s going to sleep with Adam. She’s convinced that Adam is The Man, hence her “dripping, sopping wet” accident between her legs. If she’s dripping, dare I conclude that she’s not wearing underwear under the skirt of hers?

The thing is, she’s only seen Adam in sketches. Oh yes, I did say “sketch”. That’s because Adam is Chloe’s dream lover. Adam resembles a bronze statue that Chloe has created for the local Camden-on-the-Water “sculpture park”. Unfortunately for Chloe, the town council and the locals do not share her enthusiasm for a bronze statue sporting a huge erection in the neighborhood park. While I understand that some people believe that it will not do to compromise in any way when it comes to their art, I wonder what Chloe is thinking to believe that a pornographic statue is in any way acceptable as a public attraction. Then again, the fact that she’s dreaming of being rogered by her own sculpture suggests to me that thinking is probably not something Chloe does very well in. I don’t know how Chloe can be so self-righteous about art and what-not because it’s not as if she’s making some kind of artistic statement here. She has made instead some statue with a big erect dong. Art? Give me a break.

This story soon attempts to blur reality and dreams by suggesting that perhaps Chloe’s Adam may be real. I don’t know. Given that Chloe is probably halfway to being crazy, I’d prefer to believe that every night she goes stark naked to the garden and do X-rated things to the statue. Maybe Officer Ryan Kelley will catch her in the act some time in the future.

“But officer, I’m an artist! I’m just living out my art! How dare you, Officer! Unhand me at once! Hey, watch it, let me climb off that bronze penis first, you brute – owwww!”

Sierra Cartwright is back with Fed Up. Is she trying to give me some kind of subliminal message? Elizabeth Driscoll is indeed fed up because she crossed the Atlantic to marry a handsome British lawyer only to find herself cooking, cleaning, and ironing after that man as he expects to be waited hand and foot by his sweet little wife. She decides to teach Jon a lesson and reaches for the cane.

Ms Cartwright really needs to add more details in her stories because this one suffers from the same problem as her previous story. She tends to approach her sex scenes in a way that is more clinical than wise. Maybe it’s just me but I adore a story of a woman punishing a bad, bad boy so I am disappointed that the rare time I come across a Domme story, it’s so superficially described and far from erotic.

SL Majors is back next with Balls to the Walls. This is a pretty familiar gay fantasy of our hero Callum O’Neil bumping into his near-naked trainer David Browning in the locker room. What could have been a standard gay erotic tale stands out because (a) the main characters do not whine and (b) that is some fine scenes involving shaving. I like this one. Maybe a longer gay romance by Ms Majors is in order.

Christy Lockhart drops the curtains with Everyday, in a Letter. Meghan Denton misses her Royal Hussars husband Alan and this story is about them having sex when he’s not away and she’s missing him. This story feels disjointed and there doesn’t seem to be any plot or purpose to this story other than to drive home a “soldiers are such wonderful people” message to the reader. This one is easily the dullest story in this anthology.

Nonetheless, despite being a mixed bag of sorts when it comes to quality of the stories, Naughty Nibbles is far from boring. Even when most of the stories here are somewhat off, they provide me with some moments of unintentional comedy. Since I’m entertained at the end of the day, this one is alright with me.

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