My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men

Posted by Mrs Giggles on September 5, 2014 in 4 Oogies, Music Reviews, Type: Rock & Alternative

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My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men
My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men

Universal Republic
Indie Rock, 2011


Of Monsters and Men have an adorable reason to come up with a quirky and eccentric debut effort like My Head is an Animal – they’re from Iceland,  which means they’re practically neighbors of Aqua. Okay, they are nowhere as cringe-inducing as the Norwegian trashy pop group Aqua can be, but this indie rock effort would be more at home in Eurovision than you’d think. Not that this is a bad thing.

Their lead single Little Talks is catchy, crazy, and utterly indecipherable in a way that would make Roxette proud. Slow and Steady is a sanguine little track that is all about waterfalls or something. And then, Of Monsters and Men decide to mix things up by sounding like they are making the anthem for a new Once Upon a Time in China movie with Your Bones. Numb Bears is a marching band anthem on speed. Everything is so cute and weird here while still keeping one foot on radio-friendly ground, and it’s so cute.

I’m not sure what animal they are talking about, but there’s no doubt that My Head is an Animal is a very fun change from the norm. It’s so wacky, it could only be something some folks from Europe can come up with. Cheers!

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