My Brother’s Keeper (1990)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on September 2, 2017 in 2 Oogies, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: Tales from the Crypt

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My Brother's Keeper (1990)
My Brother’s Keeper (1990)

Main cast: Timothy Stack (Frank Doran), Jonathan Stark (Eddie Doran), Jessica Harper (Marie Hilton), and John Kassir (The Crypt Keeper)
Director: Peter S Seaman

My Brother's Keeper (1990)My Brother's Keeper (1990)

Frank and Eddie are two brothers joined at the hip – literally. They are both wealthy and hence want for nothing – except for one thing. Eddie, the more reckless and outgoing of the two wants them to undergo the surgery that will allow them to live as two separate individuals. Frank, the mild-mannered one, however, refuses to give him consent, as he doesn’t want to be separated from his brother. This drives Eddie to become more of an asshole, determined to get his brother to see that taking the surgery is the only thing that makes sense. Heaven knows, they can barely stand one another most of the time!

Things may change when Frank falls for Marie, a woman who seems to understand him perfectly. But will Eddie ruin that for Frank too? How far can Eddie go before Frank finally decides that they need to be parted – for good?

While Frank seems like a good guy at first, I start to feel sorry for Eddie as the episode progresses, because it soon becomes clear – to me, at least – that he is in his own way as bad as Eddie. He enjoys casting himself as the solid and responsible foil to his brother, when all he could have done to avoid putting himself and Marie through so much problems is to just sign that bloody consent form. But no, he has to play the hero and, as a result, is the cause for much of the drama here. He shows his true colors by the end of the episode, so it’s not like Frank is a nice guy worth rooting for.

My Brother’s Keeper is actually pretty decent, and the way it incorporates macabre humor is ingenious at places – especially the scene involving the dominatrix, heh. But perhaps it tries to be too clever for its own good. The twist is that Marie is hired by Eddie to get Frank to sign the consent form. But this is only possible if Eddie could have met Marie privately. As he is joined to Frank, this is not possible – not without Frank’s knowledge. The twist, therefore, is theoretically impossible even within the realm of this series, and I have to take away one oogie as a result.

Shame, really. It’s an otherwise pretty decent episode.

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