Elliott Yamin
by Elliott Yamin, pop/R&B (2007)
Hickory, ASIN B000N60HD6

American Idol 5 second runner-up Elliott Yamin pushes out a CD that will probably be overlooked by many people because it's being released by a small recording studio and therefore distribution and promotion of this self-titled CD are going to be... well, not exactly the most happening, let's just say. I have to purchase this CD from Amazon myself as Elliott Yamin is not found in any record stores in my area.

My reaction to Mr Yamin is embarrassing enough during American Idol 5 and I hate to admit this but I still feel like swooning like a ten-year old girl infatuated with a pop star for the first time when I hear his voice on this CD. Thanks to studio magic, his voice is heard more clearly here than on the show, where the band often comes close to drowning out his vocals. He sounds more confident here and even if I'm a little perplexed by the "homeless bum puts out a CD" cover art (don't they have a better photo of this man?) I'm still all about the voice.

Mr Yamin is staying somewhat true to his sound on the show as his self-titled debut is packed with songs that will not have his fans wondering who this fellow is. However, instead of more variations of his cover of Donny Hathaway's A Song For You (which is present here) or a CD full of songs lifted from Usher's reject bin, the songs here are surprisingly diverse. There are some adult contemporary pop songs like I'm The Man as well as soulful MOR ballads like Movin' On and One Word. Wait For You starts out like an embarrassing S Club 7 tune only to thankfully morph into something more soulful and passionate like an Usher smoocher after that creepy piano thing at the start.

Elliott Yamin is a most enjoyable CD like yummy hot chocolate savored on a cold day. The only downside, perhaps, is that most of the songs aren't instantly catchy. They grow on me instead. My favorite song is I'm The Man, I suppose, but I suspect that it's just my inner fangirl speaking because... well, just check out the lyrics.

Rating: 89

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