Songs In Red And Gray
by Suzanne Vega, pop (2001)
Universal/A&M, ASIN B00005O6JG

Ah, the most fascinating alto in music is back! Suzanne Vega's album since yonkers ago however treads the same old musical ground. Fans of Vega's folksy, gentle songs will know what to expect here. There's nothing remarkable, but there are some fine moments nonetheless.

Penitent is haunting and beautiful, while (I'll Never Be) Your Maggie May gives a kick below the belt to that Rod Stewart's song. If I Were A Weapon is a bit off as a preachy soapbox, but it's a lovely tune nonetheless.

Really, any Vega fans - like me - would probably have little to complain about. Her music sounds alike after a while, true, but it's still a pretty good samey sound to my ears.

Rating: 76

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