Onka's Big Moka
by Toploader, pop/rock (2000)
Sony/Soho Square, B00004WLEP

Yee-haw. A pop/rock band attempting to revive the old 70s Brit pop/rock sound. Unfortunately, the only thing remotely fun about this album is its name, Onka's Big Moka and the sing-naked-while-you-are-drunk no-hold-barred Dancing In The Moonlight.

I do like Achilles Heel too, but this album is most uninteresting because it faithfully adheres to the formula set by more credible bands like Super Furry Animals and The Cure. The music is a toned down affair of tamey, white-washed R&B-tinged blues at places, reminiscent of Jamiroquoi (although I still say no one can match the puerile inanity of Jay Kay). All in all, perfect for a spin while the boys guzzle beer and watch football (or soccer) on TV. It's hard to pay attention to the music when it's so uninteresting.

Rating: 63

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