The Greatest Hits
by Texas, pop/rock (2000)
Mercury, ASIN B000050BA4

This compilation charts the career of the Scottish duo/trio/quartet/whatever (actually, nobody seems to be sure!) Texas from their days of wobbly rock to their current hybrid R&B/pop-alternative vibes. And it's a very interesting journey - the Texas of today sounds very different from the Texas of Southside days!

My favorite songs came mostly from their successful White On Blonde days - Halo and Black-Eyed Boy are stompin' killer tunes. Then there's the sultry Say What You Want, although the awful rappy other version featuring Method Man and RZA (also featured here) gives me hives.

And the best new tracks have to be the whimsical In Demand, a gentle but firm telling-off to an ex-boyfriend, and the happy Inner Smile with gratuitous but charming Yeah yeah yeah's to make me smile indeed.

But all in all, The Greatest Hits makes one very enjoyable listen. It's full of melodious and no-nonsense pop tunes that make good listening. This one will be played often at my place.

Rating: 89

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