Oops!... I Did It Again
by Britney Spears, pop (2000)
BMG/Jive/Novus/Silvertone, ASIN B00004SCX6

A male friend explains the allure of Britney Spears rather well: "Britney is a tart playing at being a virginal, underaged girl. Christina Aguilera is an underaged girl trying to be a tart. Therefore, Britney wins pants, er, hands down with the male population."

Frankly, if you ask me, nothing Britney Spears has came out with can match Aguilera's Lolita anthem of Genie In A Bottle, which evokes illicit fantasies of seduction in many an older men, I'm sure. She came close with the title track, although the crashing kiddie-pop backing music ruins the seductive in-your-face Lolitaism of the song. I played with your heart, I'm not that innocent is no match for Aguilera's My body's saying let's go, but my heart is saying no.

Everything else about this album is purely routine productions from that Swedish capitalist mass-manufacturer Max Martin and co, who must be single-handedly responsible for homogenizing the teen music market into one bland, undistinguishable mass. On Oops!... I Did It Again, they didn't even bother to give Britney Spears some identity that can distinguish her from say, Backstreet Boys or N 'Sync.

It's also embarrassingly clear on ballads that this young lady can't sing a proper tune in her nasal I'm singing through my nose wheezings. Lucky is insipid, with the worst line I've encountered in a while (But she cries cries cries!). Uptempo pops like What U See (Is What U Get) is prophetic an anthem - apart from the scantily dressed young lady trying hard to seduce people into giving her producers, managers, and recording studio money, there's little else. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction indeed.

My hubby did wonder aloud where he can buy accessories though, like the videos, the posters, the such, of which I'm sure this album is just that - yet another money-making gimmick in the cash-in phenomenon that is Britney "I wear revealing tanktops to keep cool" Spears.

Rating: 30

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