by Michael W Smith, classical (2000)
BMG/Zomba/Reunion, ASIN B00005173R

The CD sleeve art alone is worth a look. Anyone can help me blow up that grainy and oh-so-droolworthy picture of Michael W Smith and the piano? If there is a man who can turn a barfly into a true believer, it's the handsome, rugged, chiseled Smith, I tell you.

Freedom is Michael W Smith's debut instrumental album, produced by he in collaboration with Bryan Lenox. The beautiful packaging aside, the music is rather dull elevator muzak material with every single sweeping-epic-music cliché thrown in. Bagpipes? Check. There's even the token African native-gone-techno track (The Call) which is also the sole track with vocals. There's sweeping piano, violins overdose, and everything reminiscent of John Barrie to Enya.

Perfect music for somnambulics and imsomniacs to commiserate over their 3am latte.

Rating: 68

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