Grandes Exitos
by Shakira, pop/rock (2002)
Sony, ASIN B00006YXGA

Before she died her fiery red hair blonde and had everybody making fun of her "small breasts that cannot be confused for mountains", Shakira is a very good pop star whose music can be outrageous fun rock affairs. If you want to know the real Shakira free from any frills and trappings of Americanized teenybopperdom, pick this one up: her greatest hits compilation from her Latin American success story.

She takes the simple "do re mi" three note pattern and turns it into an rocking good time track like Estoy Aqu (Babelfish translates this to I Am Here). Check out the irresistibly catchy chorus where she does this tongue-twister thing - cute! There are a large variety of no-nonsense pop-rock goodness here, from power ballads like Ciega, Sordomuda to funky Latin-tinged beats like Un Poco De Amor (A Little Love) to power pop tracks like Que Me Quedes T (All I Have Left Is You). All are nicely crafted tracks that showcase this young lady's powerful voice and attitude.

Oh, and Suerte is also present here. All in all, a fun album by a talented young lady who deserves better than to be lumped together with the rest of the dubiously talented Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson crowd. Shakira's a class above those overproduced wannabes.

Rating: 86

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