El Alma Al Aire
by Alejandro Sanz, pop (2000)
WEA/Latina, ASIN B00004Y6R6

Embarrassing confession: I have no idea who Alejandro Sanz is, I haven't heard of his music, and I bought this CD because of the gorgeous hunk on the CD booklet cover. I mean, look at him man, with that sexy grin and ooh, that shadow of a beard that invites my eager hands to run all over his chin! Oh baby, why were you when I was 18?

Anyway, I know now that this Spanish guy is a really big singer in the Latin charts. But if El Alma Al Aire (according to the Babelfish translator, this means The Core Of Air) is anything to go by, Sanz must make a killing selling his music to imsomniacs. The album is filled with ten long, rambling ballads with little hook. After doing some translations on Babelfish, I discover that this album is actually written and produced by Sanz, and is philosophical in nature. If the title isn't any indication, but then again, my Spanish is limited to bad words.

Ergo, songs like Hay Un Universo De Pequeñas Cosas (There Is An Universe Of Small Things). All deep thoughts about universe, love, and all, but really, where is the music? There are songs where Sanz just ramble in monotone non-stop, trying to cram as many words as possible in a line before the line runs out. It can be amusing, but ten of such slow, stillborn ballads are too much even for a sedate old lady like me to take.

Still, ooh, that smile, that smile. The back CD art is definitely a classic example of Sex God, I tell you. What a hunk! Wooh baby! Too bad his music bore me to tears.

Rating: 20 (100 for the artwork)

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