by Pink, pop/R&B (2002)
BMG/Arista, ASIN B00005RFAI

Hey, Pink's Missundaztood is actually one great album. She's now no longer that R&B slightly angry girl with pink hair, she's now a cross between Alanis and Siouxsie on a pink R&B rampage on not just men, but life, family, and even Britney Spears. Heh.

Well, there's the no-nonsense party funk song thing, like the fabulous Get The Party Started and the infectious Missundaztood, but most of the album are filled with lashings at MTV (Don't Let Me Get Me), the tough life (Dear Diary, My Vietnam, and Family Portrait), and of course, men.

The charm of this album is not in the lyrics, which is the usual overblown "I'm a bitch, you all suck" rant ad nauseum, but the tight production, the infectious grooves, and of course, Pink's anger that threatens to singe the whole CD.

Relax, lady, you're a pop star now. Still, this album is very nice to the ears, so hey, keep ranting. Pink makes PMS fun.

Rating: 87

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