by Katy Perry, pop (2013)
Capitol, $15.88, ASIN B00ERIUO02

Katy Perry isn't rocking her formula with Prism, her fourth effort, and despite bringing in some new blood to play along with her usual producers and co-writers, the whole thing feels like a stale retread.

There is the usual mix of female empowerment tune meant to make ugly and fat girls feel good (Roar), corny attempts at raunchy songs using ham-fisted puns and double entendre (Birthday), some no-nonsense feel-good song that just wants everyone to raise their hands and shake their heads like crazy (Walking On Air), and such.

The thing is, the songs here all lack the catchy hooks of better past efforts like Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) or the bubbly charms of I Kissed A Girl. Roar is patterned after the formula that made Firework a success, and ends up being a weak retread of that song.

There is nothing multifaceted in Prism, just boring personality-free songs that remind me of better tracks by this lady in the past.

Rating: 58

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