Tra Te E Il Mare
by Laura Pausini, pop (2000)
WEA/Latina, ASIN B00004XPTK

I know Laura Pausini is a bestselling Italian songstress, but Tra Te E Il Mare (Between You And The Sea - love the Babelfish translator!), my introduction to her, is a pretty middle-of-the-road adult contemporary album. Think Celine Dion. Think Laura Pausini. Pausini even included an English track, The Extra Mile, a pleasant Olympic-triumph anthem that I can easily imagine Pausini belting out in a stadium.

Unlike Dion or any of the other two members of the Banshee Tirumvirate (Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey), Pausini has a great voice yet she restrains her vocal acrobatics to listenable threshold. My favorite is Il Mio Sbaglio Pił Grande (My Greater Mistake) because it is a rather uptempo tune, slightly different from the other mostly radio-friendly anthems in here.

There are many pleasant, inoffensive music here that will be perfect for easy-listening. But like many things easy on the soul and safe, out of sight (or in this case, ears), out of mind.

Rating: 82

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