Positively Somewhere
by Jennifer Paige, pop (2001)
Edel, ASIN B00005O54C

Poor Jennifer Paige. In today's wave of manufactured teeny pop or heavily-overproduced bling-bling rap stuff from Nelly and Murder, Inc, her brand of no-nonsense pop is an anomaly. She harkens back from the days when Belinda Carlisle's infectiously catchy choruses dominate the day or when Madonna sings pop music without any shame or pretentions of credibility.

I'm not sure if nostalgia of the last decade is any reason to get this album, but I must say that Stranded is one of the most perfect outright pop songs I've ever heard in a long time. With productions that accompanies rather than overwhelms the vocals, Paige sings a lovely song about the enigmatic aspects of love, and oh yes, the chorus just sticks to my head and wouldn't let go.

I'm not too fond of her cover of These Days, but the other songs here are fine on their own right. Not This Time and You Get Through are nice on the ears. All in all, this album is pretty fun on the ears, nothing spectacular, but the nostalgia for the days when music aren't all fluff and spectacular productions covering thin-voiced talentless people go a long way into making the listening experience much more pleasant.

Rating: 76

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