OST: Roswell
Original Soundtrack, pop/rock (2002)
Nettwerk, ASIN B00005YU87

Eleven artists lose their street cred by selling their souls to the TV series Roswell. Although one can argue whether Sheryl Crow and Sense Field have any cred to begin with. But Coldplay and Travis - how could you?

Nonetheless, this is a pretty good collection of alternative rock mixed with more accessible radio jingles. I would've never heard Ivy's ethereal Edge Of The Ocean and gone "La, la, la, la, la, la!" in my head all day long if I let Jason Behr's pimply face scares me off picking up this CD. (For the record, Jason Behr (Max Evans) can be hot, but his photo here is scary.) Travis and Coldplay contribute some of their more mediocre stuff, while Sense Field gives matchbox twenty a run for its money with Save Yourself.

Dido has to be here, of course, and there are two versions of Here With Me, a song whose obsessive stalker message tends to elude the Roswellian fangirls.

Oh well, RIP Roswell (and may Shirl Appleby never grace my TV screen again, that emotionless talentless bimbo). The TV series pretty much sucks, but they surprise me with the mixed but eclectic bunch of songs in the soundtrack collection. Whatever that's uncool about that show, the music isn't it.

Rating: 78

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