Trouble In Shangri-La
by Stevie Nicks, pop/rock (2001)
WEA, ASIN B000050BA4

Channeling rock-chick-Wicca overtones, former Fleetwood Mac lady Stevie Nicks is back. This time around she gathers Sheryl Crow, Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan's producer), John Shanks, and other reliable names in chick-rock to create a marvelous 13-track album. Her raspy, distinctive vocals can either grate on your nerves or win you over. Me, I'm won over ever since I heard Fleetwood Mac's Seven Wonders.

Every track has its charms. Stevie Nicks and Macy Gray make interesting duet in Bombay Sapphires, while the title track is a wailing, beautiful, and rocking tune all in one. Fall From Grace is autobiographical but reminds me of how Ms Nicks can really rock if she wants to - yea, baby! One could complain that most of the tracks sound the same, thanks to this lady's way of singing, but hey, the whole thing rocks.

Finally, Love Is, also featuring Sarah McLachlan in backing vocals, is a smooth, creamy ballad that closes what seems like an amazing trip into the exuberant kooky-rock universe of Stevie Nicks. Just amazing.

Rating: 92

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