by Billie Myers, pop (2000)
Universal, ASIN B000001DZO

Billie Myers lists down every conceivable female insecurities and neuroses and puts them to song in a cocktail that could make Ally McBeal orgasmic (scary thought). But thanks to her fab voice and perfectly crafted pop tunes reminiscent of the best of Heart, Vertigo is a very listenable piece of work.

Sometimes her whining can grate on the ears (Should I Call You Jesus?, Never Let Them See You Cry) and it can be pretty sharp on the hearing when she whines about lousy ex-boyfriends and codependency. But sometimes wonderfully poetic turn of words showcased in the beautiful A Room Full Of View makes the whole pity party worth it. Myers let loose and party in rather out-of-place happy pieces like the rocking "Roll Over Beethoven" and Where Romeo Never Dies.

The music is always listenable, and Myer's voice is raspy and sultry at the same time. If she reins in her verbal excesses, she will have created the perfect keeper.

Rating: 87

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