Gotta Tell You
by Samantha Mumba, pop/R&B (2000)
Polydor, ASIN B000050XIQ

I love this young lady's voice. Unlike the antiseptic Britney Spears/Jessica Simpson/Christina Aguilera tart-squad brigade, Samantha Mumba sings a steadier, more satisfying hybrid of Motown-lite pop and groovy choons. Eschewing the tired Cheiron house productions, this lady instead sing tunes that groove.

Tracks like Gotta Tell You and the Bowie remake Body II Body can storm the dancefloor - and they have great killer hooks layered over Mumba's sultry, sirenesque vocals too. While there're always slow, syrupy ballads like Never Meant To Be (oh, bring out the lighters!) and the inspiring if inanely-worded 'Til Night Becomes The Day.

But the best track is the obvious filler Always Come Back To Your Love, which radiates charm like a supernova of brilliance. The hypnotic, repetitious chorus and Mumba's infectious vocals all work perfectly here, it is so easy to smile and screech along. This is a clear case of a filler track outshining single materials.

There are also way too many fillers in this track, most irritating being the pointless cover of Divine's Lately. Still, with Mumba's sultry vocals and all, this debut is just fab.

Rating: 84

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