Sanctuary: Timeless Escape
by Cel Mr, classical (1996)
Avalon Music, ASIN SOLCD21

Sanctuary attempts to combine Gregorian chant to piano in an attempt to give me a peace of mind. The back CD sleeve invites me to "drift back in time and hear ancient voices unite with entrancing world music... soothes the spirit and offers a timeless escape from the complexity of modern life."

Well, you can't blame the soronous chantings in here, which is pleasant, but the piano and other instruments play the kind of music best kindly described as "Richard Clyderman muzak of the worst sort". Diddling inoffensively in a most unobstrusive manner, this CD puts me to sleep by the tenth minute of listen.

Is that what they mean by "timeless escape"? Sleep? I think I've just been ripped off.

Rating: 14

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