Neon Nights
by Dannii Minogue, pop (2003)
London, ASIN B00008NV53

Poor Dannii Minogue. Her sister Kylie's success eclipses everything she does and the younger Minogue's attempt at reinventing herself cosmetically - if you know what I mean - only bring her more ridicule that her aborted romances with race car drivers and philandering men. Neon Nights is yet another "comeback CD" from Dannii, and this time, she sounds eeriely like Kylie and the tracks here are reminiscent of the songs Kylie offered on her recent CDs. But never mind the similarities - are they so bad when Neon Nights offers shamelessly fun and uncomplicated dance floor stompers? Like Kylie's Fever, Neon Nights is inspired by the best dancefloor rhythms the 1980s have to offer but given a more contemporary edge to remain relevant today. Unlike Fever which cruises on nostalgia, Neon Nights is all about the acid trip.

From Put The Needle On to her glorious vocal appearence on that brilliant Riva single Who Do You Love Now?, Dannii Minogue is offering a little more than an hour of uncomplicated musical pleasure, no strings attached. Her ode to her vibrator, Vibe On and the A Piece Of Time (which could come out of a Chic revival festival), all about phone sex, however are more sexual and blatant than anything one will find on a Kylie CD. Still, everything is very listenable and fun, and dancefloor enthusiasts may be more likely prefer to dance and get high and indulge in indiscriminate sex to anything from Neon Nights than from Fever. (Unfortunately, they may assume that they are dancing to Kylie.) If things do sound a little monotonous after a while, well, that's okay. It's all about the good times, isn't it? And this CD offers plenty of those.

Rating: 88

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