by Madonna, pop/dance (2000)
Maverick/Warner, ASIN B00004X01U

Gosh, it is albums like this that make me feel old. I actually thumped my CD player halfway through the otherwise excellent Runaway Lover, convinced that the wobbly fizzy sounds I heard were a result of my player malfuctioning. I must be more out of touch with modern music than I thought.

Music is more of Mirwais Ahmadza´'s showcase than Madonna's. Madonna is never her own musician if you ask me. Her sound changes with different producers, so much that I sometimes wonder what exactly she does to merit co-producer role in her albums. Is there ever a "distinctive" Madonna sound?

This album is a showcase of thumping electronica beats relentlessly throbbing non-stop. Tunes are secondary to wheezy sounds, and I'm still not sure if I like that. The title track boasts a spectacular backing track, the low throbbing bassline sounding absolutely orgasmic, but the song lacks a hook, or even a tune.

I cling to the slower tunes like I Deserve It and Gone like a lifeline - music, music, here is music! Gone has a melancholic feel to it, which is nice. And there's always the underrated American Pie, which is done in a nice irreverance (it's now a faghag anthem instead of the overly grandiose requiem Don McLean intended it to be, heh heh) and it shows that Rupert Everett is a nice baritone.

All in all, if taken in small doses at a time, Music is tolerable. But I can't help feeling this is an album better off listened in an acid or rave party - spending $20 to listen to it at home sounds silly a notion if you ask me.

Rating: 74

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