The Big Room
by M2M, pop (2001)
WEA/Atlantic, ASIN B00005Y4OZ

The lasses of M2M have grown up after their debut album. Their music is now more polished, and unfortunately, maybe too polished. Too many tracks of The Big Room lack hooks to make them worth more than two spins of the CD at most.

Their songs are more about boys, boys, boys, of course. Boys that are so fickle in the listenable What You Do About Me (best of the lot), boys that are more fickle in Jennifer, boys that are so cute in Wanna Be Where You Are, cuter boys in Don't - and it goes on in that pattern. Oh, and that bitchy and snotty pretty girl gets the booger in Miss Popular, a very Enid Blyton like tale of revenge of the dowdy girls. That is, if you can call Marit and Marion of M2M dowdy.

It's all so girlish and childish, but without much memorable tunes, it gets rather cloying after a while too.

Rating: 70

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