by Lindsay Lohan, pop (2004)
Casablanca, ASIN B00065JTB0

Image-wise, teen starlet Lindsay Lohan may have metamorphosized from the missing Olsen sister into someone who tries a little too hard to emulate Paris Hilton but her debut CD is actually more like the effort of a closeted Led Zappelin fan emulating her musical idols. Apart from the kiddie dance-pop lead single Rumors, everything else on Speak is still radio-friendly tracks that nonetheless sounds harder than anything Hilary Duff has ever put out.

While Lohan still cannot fully shrug off the impression that she is just a privileged little girl pretending to be cognizant about the dark sides of life (she is managed by her mother, for goodness' sake), she manages to inject enough bitchy attitude into songs like First and the title track to make them work. Comparisons to Duff, which seems to crop up whenever Lohan's name is mentioned, are null in this case because while Duff's vocals sounds watery even with layers of postproduction trying to hide the Pikachu mewlings in her voice, Lohan has no problems sounding really bitchy when she has to on those tracks that require her to show some tough girl attitude. It works for Lavigne and Lohan must have received lessons from the same instructor. (Then again, anyone who watches Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls and Freaky Friday will know that she has no problems playing the bitch.)

Let's make this clear: Lindsay Lohan won't be the next PJ Harvey anytime soon, maybe never. If you buy this CD expecting a KISS revival, you have only yourself to blame. But when it comes to music for teenaged girls to listen to when they need angsty inspiration for their next "the world doesn't understand me" blog entry or their dramatic piece of fanfiction starring themselves and Seth from The OC (where their character will die tragically of cancer after making Seth fall hopelessly in love with her, of course), Lohan's Speak ranks much higher than Duff's music and nearly on par with Lavigne and Evanescence.

Now if only Lohan will stop trying to cater to the preteen crowd, really. The music is rockier than any Disney kiddie will like, her photos in her CD booklet see her posing like the clone Maxim brought in after Paris Hilton is deemed too hardcore, but also present in the booklet are oddly out-of-place photos of her hugging her mother and acting like a sweet innocent girl along with a cute thank-you message more appropriate for a Sunday school shout-out. Shouldn't she go all the way when she wants to be some hard-rocking attitude gurrl with fake boobs? Move on from Aaron Carter, girl, and date some hard-drinking tattooed punk rocker!

Rating: 84

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