Cake And Pie
by Lisa Loeb, pop (2002)
Interscope, ASIN B000060OZ9

Call me a pervert, but I still think the title of this album has a dirty joke hidden in it somewhere.

Lisa Loeb, one of the most boring whiny-voiced songstresses ever and yet another reason to hate Ethan Hawke, is back. Not that she has changed much, except maybe Cake And Pie is a little bit rockier than her previous efforts.

Loeb reprises her teenage little girl diary style of songwriting, which isn't a bad thing really as she tackles everything from anorexia to relationships with boys. Teenage girls finding Tori Amos too virulent and Alanis Morissette too vague can do worse.

But every track here lacks hook. Songs can pass without me even realizing it. Loeb's thin voice doesn't help matters, really, as she sometimes sound like a yodelling foghorn buried in the background track.

Still, I like We Could Still Belong Together.

Rating: 58

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