No Name Face
by Lifehouse, pop/rock (2000)
Dreamworks, ASIN B000050HZO

My eldest granddaughter has grown up when it comes to her music tastes. No more pretty boy pop stuff like N'Sync and Backstreet Boys. Nope, our lil' girl now wants to listen to the "adult" pretty boy alternative wannabe rock groups like matchbox twenty, Creed, and this latest Creed clone, Lifehouse, with its too-pretty frontsman.


Musically, No Name Face is indistinguishable from the likes of Creed or matchbox twenty or Third Eye Blind or even Pearl Jam. Grungy guitar riffs where our pretty boy frontsman growls out listenable but forgettable tunes like that single Hanging By A Moment. It's all bland and lightweight - easy come, easy go, really.

Think of Lifehouse as a "heavy" group for kiddies who have yet to discover punk/acid/hardcore rock.

Rating: 54

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