by Adam Lambert, pop (2012)
RCA, $10.95, ASIN B006N9KFPC

Adam Lambert waited three years to follow up his debut effort For Your Entertainment with... this? The songs here could easily be rejected tracks that didn't make it to that particular album.

Where it may seemed like a quaint effort to revive the pulsing beats of the New Romantics sounds back in 2009, here Mr Lambert's efforts sound dated and tired. Sure, tracks like Never Close Our Eyes and Underneath are pleasant tunes, but they are unnecessary sequels to similar-sounding songs from Mr Lambert's previous outing.

It doesn't help that the tracks here generally lack the catchy hooks present in his previous album. It could also be due to the fact that, with similar production values and vocal stylistic, the songs here don't offer anything new or interesting. Listening to this album gives me the feeling that I've doing something that I've done many, many, many times before, and I'm quickly bored by the whole thing.

Clearly, new ideas, or perhaps, a new bunch of songwriters and producers are much-needed for Mr Lambert's next excursion.

Rating: 60

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