by Barenaked Ladies, pop/rock (2000)
Warner/WEA, ASIN B00004WZOH

Barenaked Ladies is a fun group. Really. Underneath all the weary cynicism and sophisticated world-weariness of Pinch Me and Too Little Too Late is a healthy sense of humor. With the help of Don Was at the helm, Maroon is the perfect summer pop album I can blast at full volume while driving.

With gentle riffs in the ballads and stomping twangs in the uptempo ones, this album is melodic and bouncy. And best of all, these songs tell interesting stories. My favorite is Pinch Me, even if it sounds a bit like their big hit One Week - it is a perfect blend of wistfulness, pessimism, and hope.

Capping off the sunny fun is the gentle hidden track Hidden Sun, a tale of Kevin Hearn's surviving cancer. It's lovely, and the whole Barenaked Ladies trip has been lovely.

Rating: 84

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