Colour Moving And Still
by Chantal Kreviazuk, pop/rock (2000)
Sony/Columbia, ASIN B00004SVJD

Yo, lady, dial down that screeching! Chantal Kreviazuk's Colour Moving And Still is a well-produced collection of songs reminiscent of a rocky girl's journal entries. But Kreviazuk has a tendency to screech in the choruses that I have to fear for my eardrums. What is she trying to do? Be the female Axl Rose?

There are some fine songs. Before You is a sunny, uplifting boppy song with a rousing singalong chorus that brings out all the finer reasons to fall in love. The chorus makes the screeching almost bearable. The guitar, the swinging melody, and the humorous yet romantic words all make this a fine song when one wants to remember summer and all those halfhearted infatuations that only seem funny only in retrospection.

The other tracks are more introspective, bordering on "Bastard, why can't you treat me better" rants sometimes. Blue's not bad, and so's Dear Life. Soul Searching is a sexy and very listenable track but again, that screeching ruins everything. Same with In My Life.

The best way I can describe Colour Moving And Still is a little bit harder than Lisa Loeb, just right for the teen crowd to get all angsty over. Until the next pretty young thing comes along, that is, and then we're all over N Sync all over again.

Rating: 74

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